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Thread: Wildfowling

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    Never done it. Fancy trying it....

    What's the best way to start?

    I do have a 12 gauge.

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    first off youll need some non toxic cartridges in 6 - 5 shot

    secondly you may be best to go with a guide on a bought evening flight to get your legs as it were

    have a look on the net for companies offering duck flighting with good reviews
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    You will also need a very loud alarm clock.

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    if you are going beyond the LWM thigh waders are a good idea, map compass mobile these will get you out of trouble if it goes tits up

    tide table charts if on the foreshore

    better still join a club in your area contact either ngo or basc they both will help
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    If you are not in a rush I will take you out on the foreshore but it wont be until next season as I am waiting for an operation on my ankle.
    Send me a PM

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    what an offer and well worth waiting for
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    It's my favourite type of shooting I love it being by the foreshore with my dogs listening to all the wildfowl the ambience, beautiful sunrises and sunsets then theres the sounds of bunches of wigeon whistling away,deafining 10000s of pinkfeet geese getting up at dawn makes the hairs on your neck stand up nothing else like it, but then there is the other side of it getting up at silly hours going out in subzero temps snow blizzards gales blowing walking for miles to go and sit in a cold wet muddy creek shivering and not seeing or hearing any wildfowl and coming home empty handed but I still love it which ever way it goes, contact your local club many do day permits Basc do the wildfowling permit scheme where you can go all over the country to try it for a small fee worth trying it that's for sure I can't get enough and go out atleast 5 times a week more if I can good luck with it hope you enjoy it if you get to go......
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    There are some people who shoot ducks, then there are duck shooters, then there are

    Wildfowlers, this is an extreme sport , do u think u r tough enough.
    Only joking , enjoy and if u r ever in NI give me a pm I'll take u out no prob.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MJ75 View Post
    Never done it. Fancy trying it....

    What's the best way to start?

    I do have a 12 gauge.
    Contact BASC and find the nearest club to you that does a day permit, contact the club, and as novice fowler they will/should get someone to take you out
    Get a bird book and Indentify which fowl are legal quarry and which are not

    Buy some non-toxic shells

    Then enjoy the paradise/nirvana that Mongoose has described, I can almost guarantee the you will love it, and want to take it up

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    The BASC has a list of clubs which will let you onto their marsh with sensible limits. Look on the web for the booklet.


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