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Thread: cases squared off

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    cases squared off

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ID:	18996ive a tikka t3 in .223 which shoots really well so no complaints there but i have noticed that all the fired cases are becoming squared off around the case mouth instead of being round all the way around. just wondering if this is anything to be keeping an eye on etc. like i say it shoots fine so im not too worried but its niggling me a bit as to what and way its doing it. cheers guys
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    Can i see a photo please off this, it sounds interesting
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    managed to get a pic on now spud

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    shoot one but dont eject it
    pull the bolt back very slowly and remove by hand, see if it is still dented at the lip

    my money is it is happening on ejection

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    Mine dose the same, puts a small flat on the edge of the case neck when it ejects but they re-size ok,
    And yet another 7mm-08 user...

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    thats how i was today bewsher, only let a couple come flying out, the others were all taken out by hand

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    yeah they resize ok i just wondered what might cause it and if its anything to worry about?

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    It u'll give the anti-tikka's on here some ammo
    And yet another 7mm-08 user...

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    hahaha its probably had a couple of hundred through it at most and every single one has been squared the same but it shoots so well, how can anyone be anti-tikka? those rifle are just too damn good

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    If the square is on the right hand side as you eject them id put money on them catching the ejecter

    try chambering an empty sized case(no bullet ) and dry firing it then carefully see if you can feel resistance asyou eject it
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