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Thread: Tikka T3 .243

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    Tikka T3 .243

    For sale is my Tikka T3 in .243, this rifle will shoot .5" groups with factory ammo, Sako 90gr gameheads are spot on at 100m, Federal premium 55gr are just over 1" high. This rifle is sold as used and is not immaculate but will shoot, the only reason for the sale is that I am having my 6.5 re-barreled in .243 Ackley and I know this will not be used when it comes back. The scope is a Leupold long range VX-III 6.5-20x50 and the lenses are immaculate, the bases and rings are Optilocks the reticule is shown below, there is a tiny gap in the middle of the crosshair which is perfect for long range crows and foxes. The mod is a stainless ASE Northstar. Any questions please ask, please note the bipod is not included in the sale. The whole package new would be around 1950, I am looking for 1100.

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    Price drop now 1000

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