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Thread: 7mm-08

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    Hi, I'm a new member and currently use a Heym SR21 6.5x55. I'm considering buying a second rifle and have found a new Tikka M595 in 7mm-08 which has been sat in a dealer's rack for a couple years. It looks like good value at 495. Any feedback on this model would be welcome. I'm also struggling to find factory ammo in 7mm-08 locally; is this a calibre which is gaining/losing popularity, or is just a bit out of the ordinary? Regards, Moonraker68

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    I have a Tikka M595 in 7mm-08 in plastic stock, best thing I ever did,

    I buy ammo from the local shop but then he shoots 7mm08 too, but am also reloading.

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    i have a sako 75 in 7mm 08
    early days at the moment but i really like it
    havent heard a bad word said about the caliber to date
    i think its getting more popular with what ive seen on this site alone
    quite a few buying them or thinking along those lines
    i see from your intro your north wiltshire im only in somerset
    your more than welcome to come down and have a few shots
    if you wish regards pete .

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    PS forgot to mention about ammo i also homeload
    but when i bought it i had some sent up from beretta gmk
    you cant be that far from wilts rod and gun tony manvell
    will probably be able to help you on that score
    all the best pete .

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    Thanks, that's appreciated. I've taken the plunge and just picked up the M595 with a S&B ammo yet, but apparently GMK are sending some 140gn soft points to my local dealer. Hope to be in action by the weekend! Wilts Police processed a 1 for 1 variation whilst I waited, which seemed pretty impressive.
    Roedinator, I don't know too many stalkers in this area, so will be in touch. I've just picked up another 120 acres of stalking today, so I'll let you know if it lives up to expectations and we'll arrange a trip out.

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    moonraker68 glad to hear youve picked up the new toy
    im sure you wont be dissapointed
    i picked up some 140 grain heads at the westcountry game fair
    just got to load them up and give them a whirl
    would like to arrange a trip out one day also thanks for the offer
    hope all goes well regards pete .

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    I picked up 60 rounds of Federal Fusion 140grn soft point on Friday, and had a zeroing session that evening. I took it out on Saturday morning, but didn't see any bucks, although there is now one less fox on my ground. Very impressed with the calibre. It seems quieter than my 6.5mm, with only a bit more recoil.
    One minor problem is that although the first round feeds into the chamber very smoothly, the second and third rounds tend to jam. I had a similar problem with a Sako .270 which didn't like Federal 150grn soft points. Has anyone else encountered this? Any recommendations of 140 grn (or similar) that cycle smoothly in a M595 7mm-08 would be appreciated.

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    I have used federal in the past with no problems,

    I have a box of sierra pro, they seem ok too.

    also a 595 tikka in 7mm08.

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    Theres a bloody cheap 7mm-08 on guntrader at the moment for 230!

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    Rifle now cycling perfectly; must have been a bit of plastic swarf or something, as stripping the magazine sorted the problem. Feeling like a bit of twit for not doing so in the first place, but when I'd previously encountered this problem it was definitely the rifle's fault.

    Not had much of an opportunity to use it yet, but it seems a lot quieter than my 6.5x55. This calibre seems to generating a lot of interest on the forum, so I'm looking forward to seeing if it's as good as people say!

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