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Thread: any short people on SD?

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    any short people on SD?

    ok, didn't mean that to sound offensive. promise!

    however, I have a custom/hand carved walnut stock for sale that's inletted for a mauser 98 style action - but it's for someone in the 5' height region. it has a very short length of pull, but is an absolute cracker of a stock from both a design and quality perspective. It will take most 98 style actions, particularly the PH designs.

    I would be happy to refinish it with a new recoil pad (either classic red or high end pachmayr and a new london-style finish if anyone would like.

    I will add pictures ASAP, but without re-finishing I'm looking for 100 given it's a custom carved stock, and with recoil pad and london-style finish I'd be looking at 250.

    this stock was previously hand-built for an ex Danish CF shooting discipline champion, as their stalking/foxing 6.5x55 LA firearm.

    let me know if you're interested via pm please.


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    Not interested but would love to see some pics anyways when you get time

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