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Thread: the best steel rings & bases combo (remmy 700)?

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    the best steel rings & bases combo (remmy 700)?

    as it says, for a remmy 700. I have steel weaver bases and good steel rings would be ideal but what is the best overall combo for bases and rings for a remmy?

    It's for a 1 inch tube if that makes a difference!

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    The way to go ! Integral scope mount's. http://shootingsports.edgarbrothers....e-Mounts-.aspx
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    if you want fixed mounts not roll off like the Weaver design then Conetrol are hard to beat I understand. Not common here in the UK though.

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    Not steel, but really good quality. I use the single rings, and a Picatinny rail.

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    One piece leopold base + mounts,never had any problems with them
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    Quote Originally Posted by danpd View Post
    Talleys are the best in my book
    +1 and they send direct from over the pond

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    Talleys on my Rem 700

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    P at B
    I have gone to Picatinny one piece rails on my two 700s and my Borden. I think they are more versatile then a conventional 2 piece base. If you have a long action rifle and have a scope with a short tube then move your rings, same if you need to move a scope for eye relief also you can swap a scope without taking the rings off and it will fit onto anther Picatinny rail perfectly.
    Apologies if i am telling my Granny how to suck eggs.
    I will never go back to standard mounts, i just can`t see any advantage.
    Don't rule out Aluminium mate. If you get mounts made from 7075T6 they will perform just as good as Steel and be lighter.
    They are available UK manufactured too.

    Just my 2p worth


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    Well I have had many combinations of rings bases etc,but I've just gone for these one piece aluminium ones by dnz strong as hell and very light to, me and my friends all use them now awesome I think you can get them in the uk as well...
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