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Thread: Having a problem with rifle

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    Having a problem with rifle

    Well I am truly out of ideas!!
    Today I took my rifle to Jager SA. He did a great job on re-coating my aged Swarovski...Many thanks.
    I should say that I have a SIG/SAUER SHR970 .308 heavy fluted barrel with an integrated muzzle brake. I reload my own ammunition as I have done for the last 15 years. I bought the rifle a little over a year ago and have been having problems getting it just right ever since. Last year whilst on holiday I dropped my rifle into Border barrels who looked it over and gave it a clean bill of health.
    So to the present. Whilst I was at Jager SA having the scope done I also had the muzzle brake removed and muzzle recrowned. I could think of nothing else it could be!!
    It's a switch barrel rifle so I've had it apart and reassembled it 4 or 5 times now.
    This is whats happening to my shots at 35m.Attachment 19016Attachment 19017

    These are 2x freshly loaded groups of 3x shots. Both new brass, CCI primer, 46gr Varget, seated .001 of the lands when measured with one of those Stoney Point case thingys and then seated using a Forster Bench rest die. The odd thing is before it was recrowned I shot a group which was identical (i.e. Horizontal line) at 100m apart from the line was longer. If the line wasn't there I'd into 1/2 groups which is obviously what I want.

    Suggestions please

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    I am a reloading novice, and have sorted a decent load for my 7.62 target rifle so far, and am nearly there with my .270

    I wonder, if that is the best charge for the rifle, whether it would be worth loading a series 5, 10, 15, 20thou and so on off the lands to see wether the sweet spot is further back. It certainly was with my 7.62!

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    Done it a few months ago with some ladder testing. Got nowhere

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    Just a polite question - how are you sure you are shooting just 1 thou off the lands and what made you decide that 1 thou off was where you should be? Its just that if I had your rifle to develop a load for, 1 thou back would be just about the last distance I would try. I take it for granted that when using the Stoney Point you took an average of say 6 goes at arriving at 'touching the lands'. Point I make is that it would take a very skilled person to accurately get a bullet to consistently seat 1 thou. Touching the lands could cause excess pressure and give the results you have photographed.

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    If you have a 308 that ~2" group's at 35m.!!!
    something is badly wrong.
    I would get a box of factory ammo, Lapua 167 scenars, they are known to work in most 308's
    If they don't group under 1.5" at 100yds i'd have a very close look at the rifle.
    My friend had a 270 SHR sporter barrel that shot very well. I bedded it for him and it served
    him well in Africa and Canada. Only problem he ever had was with the trigger.

    Before loading to the lands, maybe just try SAAMI spec. 308's are normally not so finicky.
    If those are 155 or 168gr a-max you are using, try them at 2.8" and maybe only 44gr varget for 155.


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    i think you will find this to be scope or base problem had the same problem some time ago if it was the ammo you get vertical strings if the pressure rises. and as peterh has said you dont want to be touching the lands .

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    What order do the shots fall? I would say it has to be a rifle issue, a scope problem would be more random no? If the shots are walking along like that I would suspect a bedding problem or the barrel is contacting the stock somehow, try taking 3 shots again but allow 10 mins between shots to allow everything to completely cool down, if it shots streight then then you know what it is.

    I'm no expert mind you but thats the logical cause IMO.

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    That is a monstrous scope mounted high above the comb of the stock. How are you assuring cheek weld to minimize parallax?? If that scope doesn't have a parallax adjustment then I'm guessing its "pre set" parallax is not 35 yards. I mean, if it isn't you, and the rifle is bedded correctly and the scope is functioning, it may be parallax.~Muir

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    Make some batches of ammo and set them back in increments of 5 fow til it shoots,1 fow off,you will be lucky,my 308 is about 60 to 80 fow off and it can shoot around half inch at 200yds

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    Anyone else shot the rifle?
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