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Thread: Roe call

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    Roe call


    I went on my 1st ever accompanied stalk last week and the guide recommended I buy a roe call at some point.

    I wonder if anyone on the forum has any recommendations or tales of woe regarding previous calls?

    Any/all comments appreciated


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    I think you'll find more roe have been called by stalkers using the squeezable Buttolo call than any other call.

    I did have a call made by Richard Prior many years ago that was very effective once you had mastered the technique. It even came with its own instructional video if IIRC. I lost it one morning on a stalk and now just use a Buttolo.

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    Cheers Clem,

    I think the one the guide used was a Buttolo, certainly looked like that.

    Just found some on fleabay at 23. will get one ordered

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    I,ve seen one on BDS site shop that are 21..52 called the buttolo blatter roe call.are these the right ones as i,d like to get one myself.
    cheers neil

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    Yes they are one and the same thing.

    You might need to tune them a wee bit. I think there is a post on one of the other deer stalking sites that has an audio link that gives you the right pitch to tune them to.

    I'll have a scout around and see if I can find it for you.

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    Thanks clem i,d appreciate that i,m new to all this and i,d like to get it right from the start.
    Thanks again neil

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    Here's one to be going on with

    I can't find the one with the audio link I pretty sure it it was on the now close web site. But I'll keep looking

    But I have found this one Obviously not the same call but it does have audio links to the different call types.

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    Thanks for that clem,excuse my ignorance but does the terror call imitate another buck in the territory? i assume the mating call must be a doe.

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    cheers again clem

    the links are really useful for us newbies!

    for anyone interested, i have found this one on fleabay which works out cheaper than a BDS one (when p&p are added)

    and this one
    seems to be a real bargain as they are listed on fleabay at over double the price

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    Hello manc-munsters thanks for that i,ve just been on general discussions and think clem has just been banned.Would you know the answer to my question about the terror call
    cheers neil

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