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Thread: Unusual buck

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    Unusual buck

    I took someone out this morning and they shot a good mature buck that I had wanted out of the way this year, I was going through the gralloch with them and all was normal until we came to the mesenterics, at one end they were huge, tapering to normal at the other end:

    This is a first for me although all other lymph nodes were absolutely normal and the buck was in fine condition, no lesions anywhere, a touch of liver fluke but he was 41lb lardered so all in all healthy. I can only assume there was some infection in that area being filtered out and that is why they were so swollen, has anyone else come across this before?

    Another first for me was an upper canine tooth, I know it's not massively rare but it's the first one I've seen down here:

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    Wow Ben, they are seriously swollen.

    No signs of scouring or any other symptoms? Weird.

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    Hi Alex, no scouring, absolutely nothing remarkable about him other that the mesenterics and the tooth. Maybe run down after the rut or eating pheasant pellets with fishmeal in the cover crop? Not sure.

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    Did you cut into them? What did they contain?
    Lymphatic cancers are very common.

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    Ive never seen one like this, but hope somebody else comes up trumps with an answer
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dama View Post
    Did you cut into them? What did they contain?Lymphatic cancers are very common.
    No I didn't although they felt just like a normal lymph node despite being bigger. I like the cancer explanation though, will have a look into that subject a bit more.

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    I couldn't of helped but cut them open Ben the curiosity would of got me.


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    Wow, how strange! I have had bucks with swollen lymph nodes before but never before have i seen ones as big as this! I also agree with Dama and think cancer is what caused them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by morena View Post
    Throw caseous lymphadenitis into the equation

    Thanks Morena, just googled that as never heard of it before, we have both sheep and goats right in the area where that buck was shot, looks fairly contagious from what i've just read so will be interesting to see whether any others shot in that area have anything similar. I'll keep my eyes out. Couldn't see anything saying carcasses should be condemned so I assume it's still ok to enter the food chain as that was the only swelling I could find, there are certainly none under the skin etc.
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