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Thread: Zeroing problem

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    Zeroing problem

    Just wanted your thoughts on a sighting problem i have.I suspected my 223 was out a few weeks back and checked it.It was shotting 4" left so corrected it and been ok for a while.Went out last night and missed a fox with a perfect squeezed shot.Checked it again today shooting 4" high.Re zeroed,got a nice group but just wanted to move it one click right.Did this then it started shooting 4" left again.
    Checked mounts etc,been alright for a long while,only a nikko sterling but only firing 40grn rounds so no real recoil.Just strange that it is always nigh on exactly 4" out each time,just wondered if anyone else come across this.Am leaning towards idea it is a scope malfunction

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    Firstly, try moving turrets through full range a few times each way in case something is sticking somewhere. Failing that I would try another scope.

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    Sounds like you need to be looking for new scope Mick, if mounts all ok, 1 click shouldn't have that effect.

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    I had one do the same on an air rifle..turned out to be a loose lense inside the tube, only moved a fraction but was enough..a drop of the old superglue fixed it till another scope was sorced......

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    scope issue that

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    Grab the scope and give it a good tug in all directions to makes sure it's not out on the mounts.

    Check your moderator or muzzle break isn't loose.

    Take off the moderator and clean it out if possible, keeping an eye out for bullet shavings in the can.

    Then try another scope.

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    If you have another scope,or can borrow one, I think you will find that cures your problem mate.

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    When I have this problem, I have a drill I run through that is a process of elimination starting with the easiest & cheapest things first!:

    Check your mounts and rings are tight enough (don't overtighten though)
    Check your moderator is on tight
    *CHECK YOUR THREAD IS TRUE/UNDAMAGED - I once had an issue where the zero changed every time I took the mod off and put it back on; turned out thread was on the p*ss
    Thoroughly clean and de-copper your bore - ensure your rifle is then kept clean, or allow 5 run-in shots then test zero
    Try shooting off a sandbag, then your bipod - sometimes a bad bipod will bump the round high as the rifle recoils (or if the surface you're shooting off is different from what you zeroed on)
    Test a few different types of ammo - could be different batches etc
    Change your scope (nikko's aren't the most reliable in my experience)

    Good luck!

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    I had the same problem the turrets on the scope had frooze so I sent it back. Its fine now that was the first time I had heard of it.

    Atb Andy

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