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    Hello has anybody had a total knee replacement?.I had one a fortnight ago, alot of swelling bruising and pain. I am wondering how long it will take to get back into stalking as I am getting fed up not been able to get out and about. Wish everybody GOOD LUCK keep up the good work

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    I have one, had it done about 10 years ago, not right yet

    Just kidding, the swelling will go down and the bruising will subside, you should be good for the Roe rut and perfect for the hinds. Do the exercises they give you and keep doing them. The more you do the better you will do. When they did mine as part of the hospital bonus pack I also got given pneumonia and a fat embolism.

    Apparently when they were cutting the bone a bit of the bone marrow made a bid for freedom, consequently I was in hospital for 9 days while they were sorting me out. They did loads of tests and never found it, mother nature cured it for me bless her. I maintain to this day that it would have killed skinny man Anyway being a prisoner all that time to stave off the boredom I exercised a lot and it did me nothing but good. Don't force it, don't try and cut corners and you will be fine. Bloody sore though is it not?


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    Wish I did!

    Please keep us posted with your's something I'll probably have to undergo in a few years.

    I wish you all the very best with your recovery.

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    Tissues take time to heal after an operation. As long as things are getting better, slowly but surely, nothing to worry. Any concerns or things getting worse seek medical advice sooner rather later.

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    Still suffering after three years, not suffering pain just restricted mobility.
    As the day goes by the leg swells up, gets heavy and loses mobility.
    Apparently in my case, because I had a few minor operations on it prior to the big one I have 'interrupted circulation' and nothing can be done about it.
    I have known several people that had the same operation followed by the same operation on the other knee the following year and within two years they are getting about as normal.
    As my surgeon said to me, 'everybody is different so just accept it'
    I hope you are one of the lucky ones.
    Oh I forgot to mention, I am not able to kneel down on it any more so Stalking for me is now Creeping but it has improved my Deer Creeping as I must go a lot slower now!!!

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    That's bad luck Ed, I had four of those arthroscopy, keyhole jobbies, but when they got down to the boards they had to do the proper job. Mine works OK I am happy to say, and I can kneel down on it, can't sit right back on my heels but near enough. If only they could find the trouble in my spinal cord I would be good as new, well maybe made in China new


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    I had cartilage taken out twice and an athroscopy on the same knee before I came out of the army so I reckon they were just practising.
    Mind you I do have scar tissue from my ankle up the leg to the knee from other injuries so all in all it just a mess.
    Wearing tight trousers helps just joking, thought about wearing puttees up to my thigh but I look daft enough already

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    Wish you luck with the exercises and recovery.This is something I shall have to undergo myself before long.And like EMcC I have had smaller ops and have bad blood circulation as well as Nerve damage from a recent accident whilst out with the gun for rabbits.I overflexed the knee joint and ripped the thigh muscle badly.what with the bloody Arthritis and the weak muscle I can just about get around comfortably if I keep taking the Painkillers.
    All the experts say that we are worse off because we walk on uneven surfaces for our sport and do it in all weathers slipping and sliding during most of the winter months.Then sit in the cold motionless for hours and never giving our knees and hips a second thought.In short we neglect to care for ourselves as we should until it is too late for some of us.Of course carrying a tub of blubber around like my legs ahve done for donkeys years is also a bad thing.It just gets worse if you will not do the exercises they give you,so keep up the hard graft and do not push too hard but keep it sensible.

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    You guys who still have knees, real or artificial make me so jealous!
    I thought I could see light at the end of the tunnel, but it was only some fecker with a torch bringing me more work

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    How old were you all when you had knee relacement surgery i was told at 50 i was too young

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