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Thread: 22-250 Bullet choice

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    22-250 Bullet choice

    Anyone had any experience with what works with a 14 twist, I am going to work a load up with a friend which will be used 50/50 target/fox.

    Thanks for any help.


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    I have a 1 in 12 22/250. I will give you my loads for a help but I think the 1 in 14 is better with 50grn tips. For Sierra blitz king 55 grn tips which are fox rounds with a balistic tip. I use 33.3 grn Vit 140 powder. these are carnage by the way when they hit foxes. sierra game king soft points 55grn 35.3 grn vit 140 powder. Sierra 63grn sp 33.5 vit 140 powder.
    I use Federal cases and primers not the best but they work. I hope this helps you out my gun is a Ruger m77 vt so there might be big diffrences. oh I nearly forgot the two 55 grn Sierras are set up to shoot hole on hole at 100 and theres no change of zero between the blitz king and game king. diffrent powder charge but they shoot the same. cheers Hootsman
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    i use to have the 14 twist 22/250. 55's shot ok in it but found 50's better. blizkings or nostler. with varget or imr4007 ssc. cci primer in nostler brass.

    my 12 twist shoots the 50's into tiny holes.
    using 39.5 grains of imr4007ssc,
    cci primer.
    nostler brass.
    col 2.450
    great shot to shot consistency
    and 3840 fps.

    soon wipes the smile right off foxy

    of course each rifle is different so work up the loads to suite yours. and then the col to fine tune the groups

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    52 gr Berger Match with Varget powder

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    Thanks all, will give 52 gr a go.

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