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Thread: First 2 seats made

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    First 2 seats made

    These are the first seats ive made so gona put them up this week on some new ground ive picked up see if they need any mods before i made anymore what do you all think????

    just as theres no confusion the front rifle rest bar is adjustable so its not on this picture

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Angle brace should be one either side rather than one in centre and the top rung should be 17" -19" from the seat as a comfortable height for sitting. Think yours looks a tad high. Back rest is not really necessary but I usually put one lower down. The tree acts as the backrest. Unless you have a big tree you will find it rocks more on the backrest than the seat when in position. The biggest problem with wooden highseats is anchoring them to the tree. your weight is level with the anchor if tied at the seat creating a better weight distribution.Take a couple of blocks and a screwdriver to act as wedges either side of the tree to prevent slippage. Next time tapering out at the base helps prevent rocking. Other than that well done. Jim

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    if you can get some thick smooth wire stapled up legs and across steps it makes it safer and stops anti's sawing through legs.
    i once went up one that had been cut could have been nasty if I had been any heavier and it had broken before I got down.

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    i have 2 braces to go either side the ladder is not set at that angle it's bolted with coach bolts so can be put at any angle as soon as we look at the ground area and the tree its going up against on the main seat base i have drilled some 22 mm holes to pass a ratchet strap through so it can be strapped to the tree that way but i take on board what you say about the height its only the first attempt so after it could be altered if its too high.

    the brace's will go from the frame at the side of the tree down to about two thirds from the top ill take some more photos this weekend when there up and post them.


    yes you got a good point ill get some from work and staple some on



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    Well the first 2 seats work well so this weekend its 6 more to make


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