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Thread: Anyone in Gloucestershire?

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    Anyone in Gloucestershire?

    Hey guys. One of the first things I do when I get on a new forum is find out who's around me. So, anyone local to me? I'm in Stroud.

    I know it's a big ask but I'm after someone who can offer me some stalking experience. I'm not bothered about shooting at all, in fact if all I get to do is dig the hole for the grallock and then carry the Deer I'd be more than happy! I'm just looking to learn from someone with good knowledge to pass on. I'm not going to stamp around and ruin a stalk or try to pinch your ground as I have plenty of my own. I just don't know what to do when I'm there!

    I'm mentoring a lad for his HMR and .223 at the moment, I met him on a forum and figured I could help him because I'm ok in that area (Bunnies, Fox etc). It's always worth asking!

    Even if you don't fancy taking a newbie out I'd still be interested who's local to me. The profile system here doesn't seem to give much away! Even a chat over a beer would be nice

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    I am in Avening. Just starting myself but fortunate to have permission in Devon. Couldn't offer experience but could point you in the right direction. PM me a tel number. if you wish.

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