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Thread: sparrow hawk

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    sparrow hawk

    hi all bought a sparrow hawk of a guy ages ago from another forum all the feathers are falling out any one no how this has happend
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    Infested sparrowhawk

    hi all bought a sparrow hawk of a guy ages ago from another forum all the feathers are falling out any one no how this has happend

    Could be a few things, but most likely culprit is an insect pest, variously known as dermestid beetle larvea, clothes moth larvea, carpet moth larvae, et al. They are the bain of any taxidermy collector/collection. The mount may well be basically knackered by now, but in the short term:
    Put it in a bag
    put the lot in a deep freeze, for at least a week !!.. this will kill the larvae and arrest the problem (as far as its got)
    Or, get it out of the house. If you dont, the larvae will pupate, hatch and go off to lay eggs on any other item of organic matter they can find ...... including any other taxidermy you have, so check it carefully.

    Entire collections can be destroyed in weeks, by these little things so look carefully at anything you have.

    More info can be found on the net but this may help a wee bit.


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    Hi gooseman

    First point of action I would take the bird ASAP to a good taxidermist to have an inspection carried out.

    If you have found any cases and adult or larvae of any insects send me some decent pics I will try and ID for you

    There are a number of insects that could be in situ if it is that causing the problem.

    The taxidermist will be the best bet, they probably see / deal with these problems regularly.

    Good luck


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    Sell it on eBay as a rare Bald Sparrowhawk
    should fetch a good price.... Then go to a reputable Taxidermist and buy a replacement bird
    or if you got any contacts get a bird done for you at cost plus a favour or joint venison in with the deal

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    have added a couple of pics the bird was in my young lads room he said there was a wee beetle thing on it so he killed the bugger

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    Gooseman, the pictures confirm it.
    That is a very bad case of moth attack. I see its already in a bag, best place for it too, seal the bag !........... and burn it !
    looking at it, Id say its probably way beyond any chance of putting it right. You say your son killed a beetle on it. That suggests that they have pupated and hatched........ You need to address that, for the reasons I explained previously. Those things are hard to shift. I wouldnt bother taking it to a taxidermist ...... he/she probably wouldnt thank you for fetching an infested mount to their studio. I dont allow stuff like that near mine !!. Stones Idea gets my vote.......with the possible exception of selling it on ebay .
    good luck.

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    al keep the wood and burn the hawk cheers mate

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    i had a couple of other bids on the shelf next to the hawk couple of small waders and a tawny owl they were ok would there already have been a we pest already on the bird when i got it .as i have had the other birds long before i got the hawk

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    Thats a hard one to answer.
    Basically, if the others were preserved well, and treated by whoever did them, with any kind of insecticide, or chemical which moths hate, then they may not be a target for the moth/beetle.
    On the other hand, they may already have moved in ... and you just dont know yet !!
    Hold one over a clean white sheet of paper, give it a good shake and look on the paper. If bits are dropping off or anything suspicious pops out .. well .. its your call !!.. to chuck, or not to chuck (as someone famous once nearly said.)
    As to whether the sparrowhawk was "infected", prior to you getting it, its purely a guess, as these pests can just fly in through the window or come in on your clothes.
    I think we got all that covered now Gooseman.
    I`m off to finish an Oryx !!
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    thanks for your help very greatful for that

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