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    Hello all,

    I am Greg. I am originally from Poland. I have been stalking for 9 years. I moved to Scotland in August 2007, now I live in Glasgow.

    Back in Poland I have Brno ZKK601 in 7x64 and Fair combo 12/76 + .30-06. Combo mainly use in Autumn/Winter and for driven boar. I want to apply for FAC here in Scotland and start to go stalking more frequently. At the moment I just go with agents/guides and use estate rifle.

    Although I hold Polish equivalent of DSC, I already applied for DSC level 1 course. I would like to know more about Muntjac and Chinese we do not have in Poland. I might also help me with FAC application.

    I have experience with roe and red. Last season I shot my first fallow. Would like to try sika and hill stalking. Hopefully will have my FAC later this year. Then I would like to join a syndicate and go stalking as frequently as I did in Poland.


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    Hi Greg

    Wecome, lots of good debates and advice on he too, If you ever get down to Hampshire give me a PM and i will sort you out with some muntjac stalking.

    regards Anthony

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    Thanks I will keep that in mind.


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