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Thread: Size - Does it really matter ??

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    Size - Does it really matter ??

    Ive only got two pieces of permission!! No need for

    However the smallest piece of 20 acres which is between a FC and public wood has seen me and my friend Egis take six good bucks off it this season

    My question is!! what is the smallest piece of permission you have and what results has it yielded

    If your smallest piece is 6000 acres please dont feel the need to rub our noses in it

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    I dont think so. I reckon its how hard its shot

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    my smallest piece is 200 acres with no suitable cover for deer... but it is all that separates 3 big woods on the neighbors land around it so i get alot of deer passing through from muntjac to reds. There is more to it than just size.

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    An area of 20 acres will hold very few deer, but if you are surrounded by good deer ground you will get them passing through, the problem with an area as small as this is that you can't guarantee deer will be present when you visit.

    Unlike a large area with resident deer, you may still not see them of course for a variety of reasons but at least you know they are there.

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    30 acres with a healthy muntjac population of which I take a few each year...

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    As proved 20 acres in the right place can be productive but have you considered the deer management plans (if there are any) in the surrounding woods.
    I have a farm which borders FC land. Any deer that I do shoot comes from the FC ground. The Fc ground is not leased but is visited by a contractor as required. This woodland is frequented by dog walkers, ramblers etc who do like to see wildlife. If I do shoot a beast I always notify the local FC office so that hopefully what I shoot is taken into account in their cull. In the long term I see this as helping to sustain my supply of deer coming from FC ground.

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    i have one bit of ground 350yards by250 have counted 38red deer on it and never shot one of them /yet

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    Is your 20 acres cleared for your calibre/s by your FLO ?



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    Quote Originally Posted by craigievarkiller View Post
    Is your 20 acres cleared for your calibre/s by your FLO ?


    no need cus i bet terry has a open ticket

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    17 acres in glasgow near railway and motorway take 6 beasts off it could take more.

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