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Thread: plastic plugs in mount holes in T3 reciever

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    plastic plugs in mount holes in T3 reciever

    I've just got a newish Tikka T3 in .222.

    I went to mount a scope on it, using Leupold STD bases. These screw into pre-drilled holes in the reciever.

    However, the mount holes have little plastic plugs in them. The plugs look as if they should unscrew, but when I tried to do this, they just spun round and round in place. They are flush with the top of the reciever, so I can't get any purchase on them to lever them out.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for how to get these things out??

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    Hi Mungo,
    If the reciever is drilled and tapped all the way through as is usual in this area as the wall thicknesses are never having too much material to allow a blind hole tapping situation = heavy gun and hard to control ref too long scope mount screws which are out of the manufacturers hands, maybe you can just push them all the way through to the inside with a fine metal rod or back of a drill. From the standpoint of lean manufacturing I would just shove a cheap plug in a threaded hole to protect the threads during transit as you can be sure it will be scope mounted 99.9% of the time.

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    As above - Mine just pushed through.


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    Strange - my T3 in New Zealand actually contained small screws on the receiver.

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    They were small screws - just very crappy plastic ones. I did manage to get two out in the end, but two are still stuck. Any ideas for removal very gratefully recieved!

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    Use kids plasticene and make up two small wallows around the holes about 10mm high by 10mm diameter. Then sit the rifle upright and pour in acetone (nail varnish remover) to the wallow, it will penetrate into and soften the plastic away without touching the metal, then get into the threads with a dental pick to clean them up.
    Then write a shitty letter to the manufacturer about your experience as otherwise they will never improve their designs.

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