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    Bushnell Sportsman

    Does anyone know anything about the Bushnell Sportsman telescopic sight. They are not current and may date from perhaps ten years ago. There is one at a gun shop new boxed for 95. 3-9 x40 Any ideas whether its suitable for a 270 and a reasonable price etc.
    thanks, Tom

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    i think a .270 would break the scope pretty quick,i saw js ramsbottoms doing those for 65 or so

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    i dont want to seem nasty tom as im very much a stalker on a budget to but you will be wasting your money in my opinion. i would try and and look for somthing else maybe a second-hand scope which has a bit better build quality which doesnt cost the earth maybe a meopta which are not to badly priced and are very good quality

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    Looks like thats sorted then, thanks guys. tom

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    I'm with the others in terms of going for a 2nd hand scope from a reliable retailer. I got first class glass (S&B) on top of my rifle for something just over 250. I'd guess that I could sell it at a profit now. So, well worth considering 2nd hand.

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