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Thread: recommendations wanted for T3

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    recommendations wanted for T3

    thinking of changing to a tika t3 stainless /synthetic .looking for advice from owners good or bad or for any other rifle in same price range in .243.also what is the best moderator nowadays for same calibre .

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    Just click on the search button at the top of the page and type in Tikka T3 in the subject box and click search.

    You'll find pages of threads about T3's good and bad.

    It must be the most discussed rifle on the internet.

    You could do the same for mods. They raise similar numbers of posts.

    Best of luck. You could be reading for some time.


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    i have a t3 stainless synthetic and it's a good rifle for the money. best bit of advice i could give is look at as many as you can and give the forend a good squeeze to see how stiff it is, as for some reason they are not all the same, when you find a reasonably stiff one (stock!) and the barrel is floated properly buy it.

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    i've got a t3 lite s.s synthetic.270 best money i've sent shoots factory rounds at 150m half inch groups all day and home loads either tighter.


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    i have a T3 .243 lite ,18" barrel ******* thing shoots better than my custom 75 .
    i would have one any day over the 85

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    tika t3

    thanks for info on tika,going to price one but need to sell the my sako first.

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    i have the tikka 243 varmint with t8mod and lupold 10x40m1 scope and with standard amuniton i get near on one hole groups at 100yards. very impresed with it not that heavy have a remington with jewel triger and all the trimings that will not shoot as well as the tikka hope it helps

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    Buy the Tikka you want (Stainless or Chromoly)

    Throw away the standard stock - replace with a Robertson, get it bedded and you will have a very pleasant accurate rifle.

    Standard T3 Lite (stainless in 308, Robertson Composite - pillar bedded)

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    A friend of mine and his wife have 4 T3s between them which i've had the pleasure of shooting at varying ranges over the last couple of years.

    I love the rifle, hence i've ordered one. What I don't like (by don't like I mean despise) is the crappy plastic magazines. Bearing in mind they've seen more use than a stalking rifle would (round count wise), but each one of them misfeeds usually around the 3rd round into a 5 round mag. Quite annoying.

    Hopefully someone will design a better mag for them soon (I know Roedale Precision have an AICS-type stock in development, hopefully it'll use the AI mags?)

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    Re: tika t3

    Quote Originally Posted by sakoson
    thanks for info on tika,going to price one but need to sell the my sako first.
    Selling a Sako to buy a Tika ??????

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