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Thread: ... Fox Call worked last night

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    ... Fox Call worked last night

    As the thread Wanted: Foxpro digital caller has morphed into a 'these calls are working for me' thread, I thought I would create a new thread that we can log to.

    So to kick things off, I had success last week with:
    • "Juv Fox" Call

    bobjs was having success with:
    • vixen call
    • pup in distress
    • rodent
    • pheasant

    fizzbangwhallop had a fox with:
    • fox n rabbit fight/distress

    rharrison had a brace with:
    • distressed phesant call

    204 Ruger the resident FoxPro expert is having good results with:
    • Field mouse
    • young rabbit
    • Juv Foxes
    • Juv Fox distress

    So what calls are working for you?

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    I am looking to get a Foxpro so I can get some distance away from the call but this

    Fox Call UK - The Original and Best predator fox caller available today. Ideal for game calling or as a wildlife caller.

    Is brilliant, not sure if its because everything I am calling in is young and not to smart but in a very small area in leicestershire I have got 8 in the last two weeks all between 18:00 hrs and 20:00 hrs. (need my bed to much to get out with the lamp at the moment)

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    cheers oh6,

    i have the caller above and it works on young ones for me, but the foxpro with a small speaker seems to be really working for me and a mate, he has it with nhim tonight so it seems they are hard to get now as they don't make it anymore, ??

    i must say that steves service and help with mine has been top drawer,

    kind regards

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    Alternating vole and field mouse distress is working pretty good at the moment for me, got em coming straight in, particularly working new cut grass meadows, working a treat


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    I'v only used big rabbit distress, dont want change because it's so effective,
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    I have had success with:chicken,pheasant,field mouse and young rabbit distress calls with my Spitfire.

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    Young rabbit and snowshoe2

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    rat in distress has been working well the last few weeks for me

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