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Thread: Came across this informative site

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    Came across this informative site

    I thought the knowledge base section where you can select your calibre and it gives the opinion on the different types of bullet quite helpful and interesting
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    Thanks for the heads up Dave, interesting site. Chris.

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    Interesting, maybe should be compulsory reading especially for those extolling or vilifying certain calibres .

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    Tried showing people this site before with the videos and got thread removed very quickly!! This site is all about long distance shooting and contains some good stuff and long shots.

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    Forgetting about long shots there is a lot of facts and figures on calibres, performence of different bullets etc
    refreshing to get facts on calibres based on research instead of some of the myths that are trotted out again and again.
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    Makes interesting reading!
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    yep, agree with the above comments.

    I used to think the 6mmBR website was one of the best going but this site will also get a few visits as well now...

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    Don't know about the rest of you but I have been flicking on and off this site all evening. There really is some cracking reading in it.

    I wandered how much research had gone into the opinions on the terminal capabilities of the varying bullets. Well, it appears that the conclusions were drawn up over the results seen on 7000 animals so if that is to be believed it appears to be a pretty well informed basis for opinion...

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    i havnt done any of the reading yet but been going over the bedding videos today as i want to have a crack ,very informative and exellent results,thanks for sharing ,wayne
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