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Thread: Badger Cull (will it won't it) Courts Rule Today

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    Badger Cull (will it won't it) Courts Rule Today

    So the days the day the British courts rule on badger culling in the uk. It will be interesting to see the out come as hunter and not livestock owner. Will the court rule in favour of the mass of anti to everything group or will common sence pervaile.
    26000 cattle slaughtered in the uk last year because "they might have tb or the farm next door has one with it".
    Don't get me started
    Fingers crossed for the farmers

    Cheers Andrew
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    Fingers crossed for all concerned

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    Don't get your hopes up matey common sense died & was buried years ago

    Always going to be a thorny issue whatever happens, often problem is always that if you cull some "clean disease free" animals you will risk scabby festering ones moving in..
    There is a place for all gods creatures in this world, on my plates by the veggies and gravy

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    I sincerely hope the cull gets the go ahead.
    Then the real hassle will start, from what little I know about it I should think anyone involved will need to keep their eyes wide open>

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    I live and shoot in a very arable area with very little livestock....BUT....I have never seen as many Badgers as I have this year !!!

    Whatever the reason they are doing very well...Would I shoot them if they were on a general license or conditioned on my FAC ? If that was what the farmer or land owner wanted...Then yes of course....

    It will give Mr Badger hair Brian May something to do anyway....

    Cheers + ATVB

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes ?

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    It May get through the courts.

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    I saw my first badger on friday shot the same land for ten years never seen one then saw 5 friday night. I suppose i would shoot them if the land owner wanted it but i wouldn't go out of my way to kill them.

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    As I understand it, it's not the cull per se, that's under consideration here. The matter under the microscope is whether or not the Secratary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs acted correctly within her powers or not, in giving the cull the go ahead. Perhaps this just seems like a subtle difference, I know, but it is actually a very significant difference. Government does not like its officers misusing their statutory powers and goes to considerable lengths to avoid that happening. If it has happened here, there's probably much more than badgers to consider. I'd be very surprised indeed if the Secretary of State was so badly advised as to have acted improperly in this matter.

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    They lost.

    Now ...who gets to pay for that waste of money

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    even better question who gets paid to do the job

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