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Thread: Third Eye Tactical Rings.

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    Thumbs up Third Eye Tactical Rings.

    Hi Guys,

    Just a bit of praise for these rings. I am a firm lover of all things Sako, however if you want to put a PMII on a Finnfire (I know its OTT but I like it) then you are a bit buggered with no Optilocks available. I looked at 11mm rail to weaver/picatinny adaptors and 34mm mounts on those but they were ugly and really Heath Robinson so the net trawl began.

    Eventually I found Third Eye Tactical and ordered a set of 11mm rail to 34mm rings from Swillington and they are cracking. Very well made (much better than sportsmatch etc.), each ring pair is numbered so that you don't muddle them up as they are made with tops and bottoms mated and overall really very good. Worth the 125 per pair easily.

    My only possible gripe would be that they are only available as a high set and I could have used mediums to get the 50mm objective that little bit closer to the bore, but I am really pedantic like that. Anyway they do quite a few types and I would strongly advise if your after rings that you take a look.

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    Love to see a piccie of the set up, got a lovely Finnfire myself, also just bought a Annie 1417 thumbhole which is the mutts nutts too. I um and ar about putting expensive glas on my .22 , had a nice s&b 6 x 42 on the finnfire but to be honest i have swapped it for a bushnell legend with the milldots and to be honest this is a great scope for the s, however i do have a zeiss conquest 4,5-14 x50 sitting lonely without a gun
    Thumbs up though for thirdeye, had a spartan mod on my .223 , not the quietest mod but in my eyes the best engineered.

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    I use TET rings and 20moa rails on my .308 and .223.
    Excellent kit.

    Go direct to TET as they have most bits off the shelf and the prices are very good.

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    Attachment 19157

    Ask and ye shall receive Scoie. I should beat my PB of 154 yard rabbit with a subsonic....

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    long_range_rob i hvae just got myself a PM 11 and need scope rings to go on my Sako, will certainly look into these.

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    very nice , looking at the barrel is that the varmint Finnfire? that must be the most expensive .22 set up ive seen and right royally jealous , happy shooting and 154 yards is as far as i shoot with my HMR but then again i havent got a PM11 on my finnfire, yet. Who am i kidding, never , i can but dream

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    Hi Roebuck270,

    I have a 5-25x56 PMII PA ILL on my TRG22 in the Sako optilock rings and that is fine. The only gripe there is that they are not true optilock and do not have the plastic insert but they do work fine. The sako rings will also go on the optilock bases for the 75/85 or earlier.

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    I thought warne did 34mm rings for sakos

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    I believe your right swarovski. I haven't used warnes myself so can't comment.

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    Yes fair play to Thirdeye as I ordered a Muzzle Break of them and they were very meticulous about getting the right information about my rifle and gave a lead time of 1 week to get it sorted Can't wait to receive it and test it out. OT that is a stunning rifle and setup, very very jealous lol

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