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Thread: A literature update from BASC’s research department

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    A literature update from BASC’s research department

    I am a BASC member and got the following mail today. BASC members have the option to subscribe to these mails and I've not noticed anyone publicising these, so I thought I would take the opportunity to do so. Regards JCS

    A literature update from BASC’s research department

    The research department monitors scientific journals for relevant papers related to our sport and the quarry we pursue, as well as others on wildlife in general and the wider countryside. At regular intervals we publish on the BASC website a review summarising the latest papers, with links to the original content or abstracts where appropriate.

    The latest review contains abstracts of the papers listed below. To access the document and archives of previous Literature Reviews, please follow this link:

    • Energetic consequences of a major change in habitat use: endangered Brent geese Branta bernicla hrota losing their main food resource.

    • Temperature does not dictate the wintering distributions of European dabbling duck species.

    • Radar monitoring of migrating pink-footed geese: behavioural responses to offshore wind farm development.

    • Intestinal nematodes of shot wild grey partridges in Norfolk, England.

    • Sex- and age-biased mortality in wild grey partridge Perdix perdix populations.

    • Collaboration in natural resource governance: Reconciling stakeholder expectations in deer management in Scotland.

    • Deer, predators, and the emergence of Lyme disease.

    • The role of biodiversity in supporting ecosystem services in Natura 2000 sites.

    • Using persuasive messages to encourage hunters to support regulation of lead shot.

    • Modelled sensitivity of avian collision rate at wind turbines varies with number of hours of flight activity input data.

    • Effects of the proportion and spatial arrangement of un-cropped land on breeding bird abundance in arable rotations.

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    Thank you for posting that - havent checked personal e mail account today.

    Will go have a shufty.
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    Some interesting stuff, cheers.

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    We have a range of e-newsletters - members can subscribe to them by logging onto you 'own' page on the BASC web site and clicking which ones you want to get.

    The literature reviews are published on the open part of the BASC web site here:


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