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Thread: hello all

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    hello all

    Hello all
    I,m new to stalking and forums so bear with me! this is my 2nd attempt to post this.
    I had a few days stalking with a friend in Skye about 3 years ago now and whilst unsuccessful sort of gave me the bug.I,ve been shooting for 30 years on and off,mostly rabbits and vermin with air rifles and shotguns.
    Two years ago i aquired my FAC for 17hmr and have just added .243 for the local roes and foxes.I only got my new rifle a week ago now and have not had a deer myself yet but have been going with my mentor for a couple of months so starting to get the hang of things.My only other hobby is fishing which i,m pretty good at cos its how i make a living here in sunny Cornwall.
    I have been viewing the forum for sometime now and would like to thank you all for the helpful information thats posted plus a few laughs from some of the banter along the way.
    cheers neil

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    Dawnraider, welcome to the SD, as you say plenty of info on here as well as a few lighthearted comments. Where abouts in Kernow do you hail from? I'm up about as far North as you can get without bumping into those Devonians, or falling into the sea
    Cheers, Pete.

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    Hi downwind
    I,m down southeast coast not far from devon but far enough just

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