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Thread: 7mm Rem Mag or 300 win mag

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    7mm Rem Mag or 300 win mag

    Anyone got any views or recomendations on these calibers, which one would you choose and why ?

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    I have had both and each of them are a fine cartridge, however being a re-loader my choice would be the .300 Win. Mag. as ingredients are more easily available for .30 cals and with more variety of weights, type etc.


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    Both great cartridges, I like the 7mm RM best due to its ballistic efficiency and slightly lower recoil.

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    Just been down this road roebuck, I went for the 7mm rem mag, ( i must admit though I am a sucker for 7mms in any shape or form).
    Decided that as most usage will be in the uk on deer, with the odd trip to europe for boar and hopefully africa on plains game sometime soon.
    the 7mm was more than adequate for my needs.
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    I have a .300 win mag and when I looked at getting a 7mm I settled on the 7x64, it is 100-200fps slower than it's big brother but has zero recoil, mine is very accurate out to 800yds.

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    All good advice, now im not a reloader so much difference in price for the ammo ?

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    I have a .300WM & im currently changing it for a 7mm Rem Mag, from what ive looked as the 7mm is marginally cheaper (factory ammo).

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    7mm rem mag best bang for your buck low recoil easey to load for very acurate high bc rounds will over taik the 300 at about 200yards so while the 300is puling back the 7is steaming ahead still soupersonik at 1000yards and will hit at 1000 with the same thump as a 243 at point blank rainge will be less afected by wind drift and drop less than the 300wm factorey rounds are 80pounds for balistik tips for 20 reloading i get 120 rounds from a tub of powder 45pounds/ heads 100nosler 50pounds/ mag primers 5pound for 100/ brass 40pound for 50 so reload is the onley way to go for the 7mm was desighned as a long rainge cartrige just look at you tube to see how good the 7mm is at distance i use mine on foxes to deer every thing it hits is dead on the spot if it can down an elk at 1000 yards it will kill every thing we have over hear no problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by wraith View Post
    7 is steaming ahead still supersonic at 1000yards and will hit at 1000 with the same thump as a 243 at point blank range


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    Got a 300 win mag shoot everything with it. Good round as is the 7mm rem mag I just prefer the 300 personally.

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