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Thread: Waterproof Beating Jacket

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    Waterproof Beating Jacket

    Out on the beating line tomorrow on my partridge shoot. When all others are wearing jackets, fleeces (some even multiple layers) etc I'll be the one in the shirt sleeves cause if I wear any jacket/fleece I end up feeling like a boil in the bag meal. I have never really felt the cold and even after a short brisk walk heat up pretty quickly. Trouble is when the rain comes. Looking for suggestions as to a waterproof, lightweight jacket/top that allows body heat to escape. I have a good selection of stalking jackets that are all breathable/waterproof and perfectly fine for a nice slow stalk or sitting in a high seat but for me a no no for tramping over moorland waving a flag.

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    Have you tried any of the Adidas climacool stuff? They tend to be quite good. Try the MacArthur glen and you might pick up a bargain.

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