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Thread: Deben ledray tracer tactical 800

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    Deben ledray tracer tactical 800

    Hi all , i am looking to buy a scope mounted light for lamping, and have narrowed it down to the new tracer tactical 800 from Deben, which ive heard is a pretty good light, for approx 180. If anyone is using this model i would appreciate your views before i make the commitment to purchase...thanks

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    I would get a Nightmaster 800 from Taclight instead, the beam on the Tracer is very spread out and the range is nothing like they claim, the Nightmaster however has a very focused beam that suits a gun mounted lamp very well.

    I have both, trust me there is no comparison.

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    Thanks...the retailers are saying that the new 800 is far better than the 700 / 400 they would ! Its almost twice the price.....just out of interest is yours the latest 800 ?....many thanks

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    Yes I have an 800 model, year or so old now but still looks the same as the one on the Deben website and the claimed specs are still the same.

    This is the one you want:

    Cheaper and works better

    You can also buy it with the LED lamp colour of your choice I have a red LED which works really well, the Tracer model on the othe rhand comes with coloured filters which really cut down the light output as LED lights produce a very narrow spectrum of light and don't respond well to being filtered.

    The only thing better about the Tracer kit is the mounts, I am not a fan of the one that comes with the Taclight

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    Thanks for your help , im off to look at a taclight this weekend which ive just noticed in a local shop is featured in a gun mag......and gets a really good review. Only issue with this one appears to be the mount ? not sure if its plastic or something similar but perhaps not the best set up.......several forums mention that the mount is easily slackened which moves the light of centre??....anyway thanks your infos been a help.... cheers.

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