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Thread: 1st fox with nd3x50

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    1st fox with nd3x50

    got a new 3x50 sub zero the other day so i took it out too try tonight, the fox i,ve been after i decided to leave him alone and go to another part of the farm.
    had a quick walk round got a feel for the wind and decided on which field and went and sat at the bottom of a pylon and gave it 10 mins flicked the nd on and 10 meters in front of me a young fox which did not even bother about the light, he was so close i took him free hand,(no jokes)just after that picked another one up but couldn't get him into range so he lives to see another day.
    so must say i,m impressed with the nd 3x50 and it got it's 1st fox in about 15 seconds,hopefully plenty more too come.
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    Its a Laser Designator (I had to google it to find out what you meant) we are not all geek/nerds on here.

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    Hi stav

    I've had the lamp for a while now, mine is on the rifle and I tune in the lamp to fit the scope seen area and range to minimise illumination and concentrate the lamp. The elevation and wind age adjuster is brilliant, but I can't find anywhere to get spare ones to put on other rifles at the moment I have to change over each time I change to a different calibre

    I find or pick up the target with a little hand torch doing quick pan of the area and then change to the 3d for final ID and shot, nice piece of kit. Swaros come in handy for spotting as well to minimise initial lamp usage.

    One tip is that I keep a spare set of batteries in a trouser pocket to keep em warm in the winter, cold can slow the batteries / mechanics down a bit, I also place a camo sleeve over the torch in the winter to keep the frost off, bit of faffing about but it's worth it, you can get a insulated cover as well, I find spare warm batteries work the best and are reliable

    I am quite happy with mine, does the job perfectly and has a pretty good range

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