Eve'nin all,

For your delectation, 1x old old spec Woodlore.

Purchased from one of the earliest batches this old girl has had a fairly easy life. Made from the original Imperial thickness 01 tool steel.

Hasn't done a lot of work, but its past owner stored it in the sheath which has naturally caused a small amount of pitting on the blade surface, so not one for the aynal collector types I'm afraid! It is however more than suitable for a user/collector, and despite it's fairly plain Jane appearance compared to some of the superb clones, it's certainly on lots of folks Grail list as a classic must have knife.

As already mentioned, some light pitting on the blade, I've tidied most of it up on a buffer, and there's a cut in the leather at the top of the sheath which is clearly visible in one of the photos. Interestingly, the sheath has the well know Mears wolfskin badge stamped on the front, I've never seen that in another one before this. I've not sharpened the blade, it's just as it came except for it's buffing session. Since then the blade has been coated in Ren wax and I've rubbed Hestra leather balm into the sheath.

Here's some fairly abysmal iPhone pics:

Taking the blemishes into consideration, and also the status and 10 year waiting list that is so well known about these knives, I'm pricing it at 350.01 including UK postage, if pushed, i may be willing to drop the 1p, but if i do the kids will starve.:C

I'd prefer bank transfer or cash on collection, p'raps over a nice Roe stalk if you're local. Payment details will be provided via PM only and the knife will be posted upon receipt of cleared funds.

And of course, it goes without saying that the sale is eligible to OVER 18's ONLY.

Also advertised elsewhere, so i reserve the right to suddenly remove it from sale and offer my apologies to anybody if you happen to just miss out