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    Red face great stalking with friends

    Right this is a few weeks late but first time ive had five minutes, right i plan a two week trip to my ground in aberdeen i had invited a few friends along. at the start of the week there was three of us one of my friends has only shot a few does previosuly so i told him i would spend the first couple of days getting him in to a buck or two, well this turned out to be the best couple of days stalking anyone could ask for i took him for a quick look round a piece of ground. well the first field we come to was a high with barley but there was a doe and two bucks not so far behind her all you could see was heads, i told my friend to get set up on a stone wall which went around the field i could see one of the buck walking up the field to a flat area so i give my mate the green light soon as it walked in to the clearing i give him a shout and the buck stopped the shot was good and the buck
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ID:	19114dropped on the spot, i congratulated him and we walked over to his first buck great start to the trip. so after we cleaned him up and got him back to the truck we went for a look around to see what was about for the morning well within 1hour we counted 4 more bucks so home for a well earned sleep. so up at daft oclock 3am ready and on the ground for 4am first light well we spent the next 2 hours looking for a buck but there was no deer anywhere, soon as the sun started to warm things up they were every where we spotted a nice 6 pointer but this time the doe was following him across the field so we stalk down a long hedgerow we stopped and set up on the sticks about 100m from a clear area which i knew he would have to cross to get to the only gap in the hedge as he got to the spot i stopped him and as he turned his head he was down
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    well two stalks two bucks BUT it gets better . well we dropped the buck off at the larder and off for breakfast then we spent the rest of the day clearing highseats and cutting ferns. once the hard work was done i asked martin if he would like to go and see if we could find him another buck well what a daft question . Well off we go to a fresh bit of ground its about 1930 we got kitted up and off we when we had been stalking for about a hour as we got to the end of the wood i stopped on the corner and slowly looked down the far side of the wood there was 5 does and a nice 6 pointer about 80m away from them so i called martin over told him the plan and off we went, we had to crawl abut 40m to a round bail which he could shot from martin got himself set up on the bipod i told him soon as the buck give him a shot take it was five minutes passed and we waited and waited next minute the buck come round broadside the shot was low and forward his head went down and then he took off before martin could get a second shot away and he was in the wood i give him 20 minutes hoping he would lie down and bleed out i took buck my GWP to the shot site and we found bone and pins no blood i let him off to do his thing well he went straight to where i saw the buck go in the wood over the dyke a few minutes passed then he found the buck he started to bark when we got there the buck was died happy ending this deer would not have been found with a dog the cover was very high and it had travaled about 800m from the shot site , the shot had hit the front leg and the sternum bone no internal damage
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    so a happy ending . larder home bed and back up 4 hours later we drove to another bit of ground, as we where parking the truck i could see a small buck in the field across the road so we quickly kitted up and made are way back up the lane he was still there we crossed the lane bellied under the fence and set up on the bipod the shot was away and down when the buck great shot as we got to the buck martin started the gralloch i looked down the valley where there was two small wheat fields i could see a roe buck and two very big red stags liying down in the field as the farmer had told me zero tollerance to deer in the crops i had a job to do so i didnt tell martin about the two reds as up to this morning he had only shot roe,But I knew he was up to the task ahead so i told him there was another buck in the crops as we got closer about 100m i got him set up on the bipod and pointed out the buck then told him to look about 20m in front of it and asked him what he could see as i did the bigger stag stood up broadside at about 80m, well it could'nt of worked out any better no time to think i told him to take the shot on the stag he did and the stag run about 30m and dropped, perfect shot i knew if martin didnt have time to get him self worked up i knew he would get the job done we watch the stag through binos no movement , at this point it started to sink in what he had just shot a 14 point imperial red stag, well to say martins hands were shaking would be the understatement of the year so we took 5 more minutes and talked about the last 3 days and what he had achieve.
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    we got him cleaned up i made i quick phone call to the other couple of lads asking for some help to more him and get him in the truck. we took the next couple of days off to reflect on the last couple of days and let martin take it all in .

    p.s i will carry this on tomorrow part 2 we got him cleaned up i made i quick phone call to the other couple of lads asking for some help to more him and get him in the truck. we took the next couple of days off to reflect on the last couple of days and let martin take it all in .

    right then part two .

    so we had a few days off thursday soon come round and it was my turn to connect i droped martin off in a hi seat and then off with the dog in tow. i was stalking a forestry block i had been stalking for about two hours and 9pm soon come round so i decided to sit the last hour on a open ride i'd only been there 10 minutes when i could hear a load noise coming towards me the dog loocked up and next minute two bucks rounded the corner breathing very heavy they run straight passed me the dog let out a whine and the second buck stopped in his tracks he was masive medal class he turned and ran back in the wood , now the buck he was chasing a nice six pointer is now walking away from me across the clear fell i was up on the sticks and his he stop to catch his breath i sent the trusty 270 down field nice neck shot dropped on the spot
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ID:	19302 I got cleaned up in the roe sack and all met back at the truck . i have invited two friends up from wales for the weekend so we had a lie in friday morning the lads turn up about 7am so off for breakfast and then we went to moy game fai,r i had two roe heads measured both made silvers great news and even weather was great so we headed back about 4pm got are kit togther and on the ground by 1830 adam took wyn off and i took paul , adam had only gone 200m when i saw him stop on the edge of a wood and wyn was up on the sticks so me and paul waited and watched for a few minutes adam started to call we could see wyn he was looking through the scope bang greatClick image for larger version. 

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ID:	19303 so it was down to me to find a buck for paul no pressure so we set off we had only gone 500m around the bottom of the wood and there was a buck walking around in the field looking for his does he was about 400yds away so i told paul to keep close we made 200yds on the buck by this time we was well out in the open so we set up on the bipod and waited he was slowly working his way over so paul says he was happy at the distance the buck was. he had settled down he come round broadside and bang but the buck just stood there clean miss reload i told hm to take a breath he did bang the buck did not move at this point i knew the rifle was good i know paul can shoot so what the f--- the buck slowly walked up the field across the next field over the fence and stopped for a bite to eat we talked it over, we both tried the rifle i put it down to buck fffeverrrrr.. we still had a hour or so of light so on we went as we rounded to corner there was a doe with twins so i told paul we would sit and wait to see if there was a buck around five minutes later bark bark bark just inside the wood so paul got ready and as the doe moved the twins away across the field out come the buck he was about 100m away i told paul to wait i will try and call him over out come the buttlo cal,l a few forn pip and over he came 80 65 50 i give paul the nod bang the buck ran back to the wood and stopped, turned and barked and then in he went all was quiet for a second or two then the inquest in to what when wrong, we knew the rifle was ok, we all miss, but two lovely 6 pointers one medal class , sick as a dog comes to mind i told paul not to dwell on it and we made our way back to the truck and told the story. so off to bed and up at 0330 i took the lads to a wood and got them all in seats as the mist had dropped in thick over night on the open ground so after dropping wyn,paul and martin yes he his still about but his luck has died off , i went back to the ground where paul missed the buck on the night before and once the mist lifted sure as eggs are eggs the last buck missed was out feeding so i tipped my hat to say good morning and let him feed on. i made my way back to the wood to see if the lads had any luck they had all seen roe but no shootable bucks as only small cull bucks were on the list as i had a few more guest due. we loaded up and off for breakfast then over to the gun shop to get wyn some new boots then home for a few hours kip . martin spent the afternoon shooting rabbits he was up to about 50 and was still sat on the chair in the porch of the cottage i was back up at 1700 quick brew and out again by this time adam was not feeling to go and decided to head home get well soon mate finland is olny a few weeks away. so we headed out just as the rain started i sent the lads off on the own that had all stalked the ground before [just before someone reads it the wrong way] and i when off scouting for a buck or two for the coming week ahead , well as the rain got heavier and heavier i didnt hold much hope for me or the lads seeing a buck, it was 2100 and i started my way back to the truck when in the distance BANG so i jumped in the truck and headed over to see what we had. wyn got himself a small spicker great we loaded him up and back to the pickup point for paul and martin plenty of does seen no bucks all the lads are going home in the morning and paul had still not got a buck well i had a few tucked away so it was bed and away at 0330 i took paul to a small wood surrounded by wheat and barley i had seen a nice 6 pointer earlier in the week with a couple of does so i knew he would not be far away, we parked up and kit on and away we walked up a long track down the side of the wood as we waited and watched the wood edge and fields i saw some movement in the corn, there he was paul got set up on the sticks 90m broadside bang and this time he was down wait he got straight back up and ran in to thick cover well i know the buck was hit so we waited and then waited a bit longer the dog was airscenting all the time so over to the shot site blood and pins looked good so i let the dog do his thing he got to the spot where we last saw the buck and in he went so we followed behind not to disturb any scent and there he was stood with his prize, well to say i was relieved was a understatment a lovely 6 pointer and a good shot , obviously no one told the buck he was dead and to stay down
    Attachment 19290well back to the cottage we loaded the lads van up and off home its now sunday 1100 if anyone has lost track, thats the first week out of the way 7 days to go. wayne is coming over in the morning after spending 5 days on his ground but no luck i told him i had a buck or two for him so he drove from newton stuart . in the meantime monday morning was a lie in, me and martin went for some breakfast then off to a piece of ground i had some cameras set up so we parked up i told martin to bring his rifle you all know if we had no rifle the buck of a life time walks out so we take a slow walk to where the first camrea is, just as we get there i catch movement in the trees i point and martin gets on the sticks just in time the buck see's martin but it was just to late a nice shot to the neck and down he go's a very nice six pointer
    Attachment 19292the lucks back, so we made are way around the cameras and back to the truck for a brewAttachment 19293 then its off to the larder and home for some more rabbit shooting, (great fun) so we stayed in that evening and waited for wayne to turn up after his 5 hour drive in a rain storm which he thinks followed him for 4 of them and to cut a long story short if you check out meresides write up about the next three days it says it all 24hrs of pulling his hair out thinking he was not going to get a buck he ended up with three, two of them were the bucks paul missed, this is one of them Attachment 19294 the one that nearly got away and when you read waynes write up we also thought he had missed.
    and just to fill in a few gaps over the three days wayne was with us i got myself a nice malfrom Attachment 19295and russell AKA fabnosh off the site joined me for a days stalking and after one of the best stalks of the week a small bout of buck fever and a well behaved buck and a quick reload this was the end resultAttachment 19296 well done lads we ended the trip 14 bucks one stag a few missed and head full of great memories . well im heading back up in the morning for a few days so which this space .
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    A great write up, looking forward to part 2...

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    Nice one Trev, he will thinks its like that every time

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    Good read mate.

    Look forward to part 2.
    I would of loved to see his face when he got up to that stag.


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    Quote Originally Posted by WAYNE DAVIES View Post
    Nice one Trev, he will thinks its like that every time
    I hope not Wayne he's back on the does in november

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    Quote Originally Posted by 243varmint View Post
    Good read mate.

    Look forward to part 2.
    I would of loved to see his face when he got up to that stag.

    If I remember right something like this

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    Well done thanks for the write up


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    Well done Trev.

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