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Thread: How big is 6.5x55??

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    How big is 6.5x55??

    Hi all,

    Iv been hearing good things about the 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser, and im just a little confused on the size, stupid question I know. Many people say its bigger than .270, others smaller and that its more powerful. Im just trying to see where it fits in around say .243, .270 and .308 etc. Any info on the subject would be great!!

    Aim Small, Miss Small

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    6.5X55 =.264" .270" is bigger.

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    Hard to believe the question.
    Bigger than .243 less than .270 or .308 but it can carry a long bullet of 160gr which is large for calibre size and makes it very popular for elk/moose in sweden where it was for a long time the military cartridge.

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    Big enough for any deer in this country is all you need to know

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    Each calibre will have it's fans, but the 6.5x55 seems to fiercely divide opinion. I have one, and love it. Used 120gn BT's for a while, but find 140gn SP's better for what I do. I've shot muntjac through to red stags on the hill, and have never felt undergunned.
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    Only reason why the 6.5x55 was/is popular for elk and moose is because for most it was the only rifle they had.
    Like in Germany where many had left over 8x57's. Many people including many Swedes think the 6.5x55 is not a good Elk cartridge
    which is logic due to the low energy. Fine for medium deer if one chooses the right bullet.
    Mostly due to wrong bullet choice it got a bad reputation. I am sick of this calibre as a friend has one and every deer
    he shot just ran away ruining our day. Even with perfect shot placement. In hindsight it was possibly the wrong bullet. I don't go
    shooting with him anymore.
    As they always claim...the 6.5 makes up in penetration what it lacks in energy which makes things worse with small animals
    as very little energy is dumped into a side on shot. In some cases one would be better off with a 223.

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    Bavarianbrit, sorry I know it is a little stupid, I was just a little confused. Im new to stalking so just looking for info on calibres I am not familear with. Thanks for clearing it up guys! Pointbreak your very right, probably more than adiquate for UK stalking. Thankyou all for the information
    Aim Small, Miss Small

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    Many thanks clived, just took a look. Really interesting to read the history behind the round too!
    Aim Small, Miss Small

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    I love my swede infact ive got two ,and with 120gn Barnes ttsx going at around 2800fps nothing I've shot has moved more than a couple of yards most drop on the spot as has all the ones my mate has shot with the right bullet it will knock down any deer in this country end of..........

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