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Thread: Batch two of 'The Stalking Knife'

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    Batch two of 'The Stalking Knife'

    As these are all ordered, the next batch will be a while, I thought I would do the build along in here this time.

    The blades are to arrive shortly, so I have got the handles started, the liners are going on after the holes have been drilled today. I wanted to show the scales cut last night but Photobucket wasn't playing.

    The wood always looks boring at this stage, but as you may have seen from the previous batch they shine up nicely.

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    Nice start Richard, looking forward to watching progress with a vested interest

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    Just have to add. ALL ten blades from batch two are spoken for, if anyone else is interested it'll have to be batch 3 I'm afraid.

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    First four blades are on my table, these will begin in the morning! Pics to follow.....

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    this is cool. keep up the photos!

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    I am cracking on with these, four sets of handles are laminated, cut and have the front edges shaped, prior to polishing. The rest are being laminated to their liners prior to cutting and shaping.

    Nine blades here, two more to go and batch three has several people on the list and the knives on order.

    Thanks for the support, orders and interest chaps.

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    Easier photo - or right click and view on the huge one above.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for posting,and watching with interest
    Just out of curiosity,do the liners coome in different colours.

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    The liners come in black and red - that is yours with the clamp on with black liners, being drilled ready for attaching to the blade.

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    what woods are you using?

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