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Thread: Turbo Charged Letter

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    Turbo Charged Letter

    With a little time on my hands these past few days waiting for a brown envelope to land on the doormat, well it came yesterday, interview Thursday and arrived Tuesday.

    An expiation of how I went about having conditions removed from my firearm certificate.
    Everybody’s situation is different just like each county has their own procedures and ways of interpreting the guidance notes to the police.
    Upon receiving my FAC, two conditions were attached. The “closed” one was no real surprise and a mentoring condition, this is my first FAC. However the mentoring condition was a little disappointing to be honest.
    An accompanying letter which came with my certificate gave me the choice of a dsc1 type course or spend time with an experienced shooter.
    I chose to spend some time with 2 different people building on my years of shooting and watching their different styles. If my options were limited I would have taken part in a dsc1 course. Having shot for close to 40 years you never stop learning.

    With the mentoring condition removed I could get out on my own land where there is an abundance of foxes and some pockets of deer.
    So I have spent the last 11 months shooting foxes and some deer over several farms with a few lads. Having shot a lot of rim fire and a little c/f in the past, using a .243 at night on your own requires you to have a map of the land in your head and the discipline not to pull the trigger.

    Reading the guidance notes many times to understand what our firearms departments have to work from I applied for my licence and only put down for one rifle with a longer term plan to include a variation for a .22rf and apply to have the (closed condition) removed at the same time.
    Included in my letter to the firearms department I explained the reasons for the request, experience gained, competence, the lack of flexibly with a closed condition, a permission letter from small scale poultry breeder.
    From what I have learnt so far it takes time to gain experience, however presenting a good solid request with factual paperwork does make a huge difference. The rifle has opened up some more shooting opportunities in different areas and taken the rough edges off a couple farmers.

    Tim .243

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    Great post Tim - I think too many people are encouraged to "fight" rather than present a solid and justified request. I had a similar experience with West Sussex - who have been excellent and fair in my opinion.

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    This is the crux

    Quote Originally Posted by Tim.243 View Post
    however presenting a good solid request with factual paperwork does make a huge difference.
    I mentored for a lad put together a good proposal for what was wanted and why and we had no problems.

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