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Thread: Knife blank idea

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    Knife blank idea

    Hi, here is one idea I am about to try.
    My neighbor runs the council tip in our area and there is always good stuff appearing there. There was a broken set of garden branch secateurs (those with ca. 400-500mm arms) the plastic shank had cracked but they had obviously done a lot of work before this happened. The blade was held in by 2x 3mm bolts and it had a curved blade what surprised me was the blade was not chipped or dented and was still very sharp. The steel used must be very good so I will have a go at adding a pair of scales to it and see if it make a good knife (the blade is curved with a black finish and is about 2.3 3 inches long with a 4 inch tang area). Recycling gone mad I know, but I want to test the steel. Martin

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    I have had a blade from a pair of normal secateurs mounted to pole for cutting reeds for many years now (15 years +).
    Considering the abuse it gets, including being dragged through the roots of said reeds, along with the gravel
    or whatever they are growing in, it has held an edge for all that time, I cannot ever remember sharpening it.


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    That is my point. The steel seems able to take very extreme abuse.
    If so why is it not already used for knife blades? or maybe it is and I am too dense to know which ones use it.
    Anyone on SD know the steel spec used on secateurs?

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