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Thread: Wanted ,Trained Springer, Scotland if possible?

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    Wanted ,Trained Springer, Scotland if possible?

    I unfortunately had to put my number 1 spaniel down yesterday.Its going to be hard to find another character like him ,but the fact remains that I need another trained spaniel for a lot of dogging in and the driven and walk up days this season.

    If anyone knows of a dog that is up for grabs then let me know.I am not looking for field trial standard,but it has to be biddable / work to the whistle and retrieve.

    Early days yet but all will be considered.
    I dont mind paying a decent price but no field trial prices please.


    ps, I am in ABERDEEN !so that will be a factor to consider.

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    got a trained springer dog 650 if any good to you i am at lockerbie

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    Picked up a dog today.Fingers crossed it turns out ok??

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    Quote Originally Posted by micki two scoops View Post
    got a trained springer dog 650 if any good to you i am at lockerbie
    Hi there, is your dog still available please? thanks Jude

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