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Thread: Evening To you all.

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    Evening To you all.

    I have just joined the forum and look forward to using it and hearing all the chat and advice that you all have.
    I live about 10 miles west of Dunkeld. Around here we are very lucky and have Red, Roe and Fallow deer . Some of the Roe and Fallow stalking is
    on the hill which can be very testing.
    My rifle is a Kimber 84M in 7mm-08, not the run of the mill calibre , but
    lovely to shoot and use. Been toying with the idea of home loading but
    have not made up my mind yet.

    Look forward to chatting to some of you on the forum


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    Welcome Wild Goat!

    If Carlsberg made Deer Stalking sites...... - this site is really good for the beginner or the pro'!

    What's the 7mm 08 like for recoil? Never shot one - shot 30-06 though?

    Welcome -


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    welcome hope you enjoy. there is a wealth of knowledge here.

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    Welcome, I get a bit of stalking around your area now and then, nice part of the world.

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    Welcome mate, nice part of the world.

    Fallow stalking on the hill? That's something I hadn't heard about before.

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