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Thread: A few days with solwaystalker

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    A few days with solwaystalker

    Last friday i set of to spend the weekend with solwaystalker to try for wild boar and goats.


    I arrived and was shown how to use the night vision and then was shown to my high tower , it was around 8pm when 2 foxes came from a field and to where the pigs should be coming and all i could think is would they put the pigs off. I was told by colin that i might here the boar coming through the wall in the dark for the feed but heard nothing apart from one hell of a noise just in the woods which i think was a very big male boar.

    So when it was dark i checked the night vision just like i was told how to use it but i was told not to put on ir as this some times scares the boar so as i looked through my scope i was not sure what was going on as i could not see anything clear so i turned it all off and just sat there. Then at around 9.15 i heard grunts , i thought bloodyhell there here so i put the rifle up and turned on the NV and just saw a black mass so i put on the IR and there they where in green day light a sow and 4 young and the IR did not put them of feeding so i shot the 1st young which gave me a safe shot and christened the 7x64 for boar.
    I could see the pig was dead on the spot through the scope but i am pleased that nobody was around as i went down the ladder with torch in mouth when i got to the bottom it struck me would the sow be anywhere to protec its young , so with that in mind i started to whisle and sing some 1st lines of rugby songs to scare anything away. I looked at my 1st boar and was very pleased with the whole night .


    We went to a estate that colin knows and were going for a goat we drove through the woodland to get to the very impressive hills and within 10 minutes we had spotted a small group of goats . So the plan was to stalk up and way past them then drop down somewhere near them. That was fine but they where on what looked like a rock face but up we went up and up and then crossed left to the rocks and at this stage i am thinking this is high but i was following colin and he knows the place.
    When we were near to where the goats should be the mist came in for a while so we just sat waitng for it to lift and that it did and when it did i spotted a billy around 60 yards off so i took the shot and had a billy just to cap of the few days there.

    solwaystalker (colin) thank you very much for getting me 1st boar and then goat.
    i will be using your services again

    cheers mate

    ps just starting to be myself again

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    fantastic, great result
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    sounds like you had a great time, atb wayne
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    thanks for reading boys

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    definitely cant wait to get up there myself now......sounds like you had a good one

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    Quote Originally Posted by ziggy View Post
    definitely cant wait to get up there myself now......sounds like you had a good one
    I will be back

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    Fair old climb on Saturday Chris i was back up on Monday , we got a good billie right on the top
    Had some headache on Sunday and Monday
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    Isnt in just amazing how these boar are just everywhere..well almost.

    good news for us!

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    CHRISC well pleased for you good write up nice to speak to you on the phone the other night regards pete .

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    Well done mate. Its great just sitting waiting for those boar and when you hear them it gets your heart racing.

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