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Thread: Anyone need a winch

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    Anyone need a winch

    If you need a winch to lift a carcass or anything upto 600kg Lidl are selling a 240v with swing arm for 49.99 got me one today going to attach it to scaffold bar and fit it in the garage. Check their website out.

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    I've looked but can't see them....

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    got one of these here in ireland last season really good they can handle big animals i have mine mounted out side coolroom and i just back up the jeep to it and lift out any deer even good reds no problem

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    I've done a search on google and Lidl home page and can't find a link. They were definitely in my local store today. I suggest try ringing your local one tomorrow. Looks good bit of kit 3 year warranty and they change things no messing about just bank statement or receipt showing more spent than cost of item and replacement item posted to your door.

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    I got one of these last year great bit of kit fitted in the garage has saved my back loads of punishment.

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    Hmm Lidl do not sell them at the moment although I bought one early this year and very good value for money. As for the above post please make a better intro on the site. What calibres are you using, this is a deer stalking and hunting site!
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    These were in lidl a few weeks back, you may still be lucky.

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    Damn......I thought it said wench
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