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Thread: Barnes reloading data

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    Barnes reloading data

    Has anyone got the latest Barnes loading manual? I'm looking for a load with AA 2520 behind a 150 grain TSX in 308 win...


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    barnes reloading data

    Mat, manual 4 lists 47.0 grns @ 2736 fps to 51.5 grns @ 2964 fps 101% load density using AA 2520. deerwarden.

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    If we are talking Accurate Arms 2520, you'd best revist that data. The Accurate Arms web site lists a charge of roughtly 41 to 46.5 grains for any 150 grain bullet in a .308.~Muir

    (Here. "AA2520" refers to Accurate Arms...)

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    Barnes Manual No. 4 quotes as Deerwarden states. My understanding is that copper bullets generally have less friction in the barrel as rather than have full contact with the lands "driving bands"are a function of bullet design. In effect grooves are cut into the bullet at right angles to the axis of the bullet to reduced the contact with the barrel therefore require more powder to drive them. Seems like a contradiction but I believe the bands can be more easily altered to achieve maximum velocity and retain BC than altering the overall length of the bearing surface of the bullet. However I am not an expert in these matters and rely on the experts advice

    I do not load Barnes bullets but I do load GS Gustom bullets.

    There is a detailed explanation on the GS Custom website of why their bullets are constructed in this way and the way in which the loads have been developed to take advantage of their characteristics. I load 308 and on their loading charts, which they state they are only safe with their bullets, you can compare their loads for a particular bullet weight, the starting load and the final maximum velocity of the bullet with those of conventional bullets on other loading charts which you may have. My limited experience of these comparisons shows higher starting loads and higher maximum velocities with the copper bullets.

    GS Custom bullets are at pains to point out that their loading charts should only be used with their bullets as with any other bullets, due to their composition and structure these loads could be dangerous.

    A rather long winded way of saying that Barnes are probably working along the same lines but IMHO there is a better explanation on the GS Custom website.

    You can also phone Gerald , the man behind the bullet, and he is generally happy to discuss problems, ideas and the theory.



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    Thanks for the info Deerwarden...

    Have you tried any of the loads? I'm just wondering if reality is any where close to listed loads...

    I mean 130 grain bullets at around 3200 with AA2460 and 150 grain at around 3000 with AA2520, that's not dissimilar to 270 velocities

    I'll report back when I've had a go... Not sure I like the sound of 101% loading density though.

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    Barnes loading data

    Mat, I've been loading up 150gns for my 270, I go to Africa on Monday for 10 days, I find Barnes bullets like to be pushed fast and all my best groups are near or at maximum load data, sometimes 103% capacity with RL 19. I have not seen any signs of pressure, flattened primers sticky ejecting, pressure marks, on a previous post, somebody had exceded their data by one grain, I'M NOT SUGGESTING YOU SHOULD, just repeating a previous posting. I find Barnes to be very accurate, sub 1.4" at 200yds doesn't spoil meat as much as other brands. Last year premium bullets like H frames and bonded core types weren,t very good, hence we will try Barnes in our .308 .270 and 30.06, we were hitting them were the PH advised, all were it counts, but plainsgame are very durable. we would use nosler Partition again, but Barnes were buoght back from the states at half the price. Will let you know how they perform. Go on to the barnse site, for a few dollers you can get all the imfo you want, failing that I have the no 4 manual. Probably get shot down now, only repeating from the forum previus threads and the Barnes data deerwarden

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    I don't buy the "Our design can be pushed faster" argument. Ejecta is Ejecta. A 150 grain bullet loaded with "X" amount of powder generates "Y" pressures. Can there be variances? Slight, perhaps, but physics is physics. I always go with the powder manufacturers data and Accurate Arms does not differentiate between different styles of 150 grain bullets for the .308 when listing load data. It is interesting to note that in the Lee manual, loads for that particular Barnes bullet using Reloader-15 powder are less than those listed for other 150 grain bullets using that powder. Obviously what ever Barnes is selling isn't universally agreed with.

    Of course, I'm old fashioned. When I see two sets of data for the same set of components I always choose the conservative.

    Just my opinion, of course, but I hate to see a good rifle inadvertently (or avoidably) mistreated with max or over max loads.~Muir.

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