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Thread: Last Nights moon

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    Last Nights moon

    Not sure how many of your were up at 0500 this morning but if you were did you happen to see the appearence of the moon? We were on a fire call last night and the lads thought they were seeing things lol. Dont know what event was happening but their appeared to be planet behind the moon and the moon itself was brighter than normal with an extremely bright section to the side. Above the moon there was an extremley bright star taking on the same shaped appearance on its side. I havent got a clue what was occuring, I had a scoot on the net but it seems there were no eclipse last night...any ideas?? appears it might be an event called a super moon?..rather like the pic attatched but much much more vivid and stunning as there appeared a planet behind, not sure if it some kind of illusion
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    That's really weird. Last year I was out wildfowling and took a photo of the sunset. It was only when I looked at the picture on the PC that I realised I'd taken a picture of a partial solar eclipse, which is why the light was very strange, and I'd taken the photo in the first place.

    I wouldn't worry though, it's probably just a portent or an omen of some sort. I reckon it bodes.

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    If you have a smartphone download the freebie app named 'Planets'. It will give you a 3D representation of the sky in real time centred on your location. Shows constellations and planets and you can scroll around to all points of the sky and enlarge etc. at will. Very handy if you are interested in what's up there.

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    I was heading to go stalking this morning and i seen something like that between the clouds when i was driving. weird.

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    I noticed this too, quite strange but interesting to see also. Venus is the bright star directly above the moon.
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    Jedward. The reason why there are two barrels on a shotgun.

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    Can you boys actually see the moon!?!

    I'm gonna have to visit Englandshire more often. I can only ever see cloud!

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    war of the worlds.......................................

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    I have to admit it was very wierd looking at it this morning as it look like two planets, I have emailed our the Uk Space agency in Swindon to ask if they can give a detailed explanation. Just need the chap with a large forehead to reply from his stae of the art command shed

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    You might have seen Mercury and Venus close to the new moon. Google Sky for android or star walk for apple.

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