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Thread: Dorset licensing up the dunny

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    Dorset licensing up the dunny

    Forms arrived 2 months ago
    Return FULLY completed one week later
    Two weeks ago visited by FLO
    License runs out tomorrow
    Told today FLO on holiday and not got paperwork
    Demanded section 7 and told I could keep them in cabinet and not use them. Said 'don't make up the law.' told 'Cheif says it's legal' replied 'aiding and abeiting an offence is an offence and holding firearms without a license is an offence'
    Section 7 in the post
    Can't use guns until license arrives
    It feels a bit like having a gorgeous woman in bed next to you and saying 'Night, see you in the morning'!!

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    a section 7 lets you keep on using them

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    Not had any problems with them so far. They are the 4th force I have experience of. I wouldn't say they are too bad as they go, apart from the fact they are not very clued up on firearms or the law relating to them but thats about normal isn't it!?
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    form 111 allows use if it does not specify possession only you cannot buy ammo


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    the system really is bull, expecting you to lodge any expanding ammo you have with a RFD

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    your not wrong
    I think they only added expanding ammo after someone in the lords said you need it for deer what a joke

    I am not sure if you can hand it in without your fac
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    Have you used the BASC advise? They have helped me in the past with a few different situations and they have just released a free advise sheet.

    I hadn't heard about expanding ammo not being covered by the temporary license. If this was the case I would store it with local RFD and pass on the bill to the firearms department.

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    I must be lucky as I think the local force are very good, variations done within ten days, No problems.

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    Maybe it's down to the FEO? Any company is only as good as it's employees.

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    Heaven forbid he goes on holiday, always though Dorset was good at there job. I was without a license for three months with hants, used my guns every day, no section seven, had a letter of them to say it was ok, what prat of a officer is ever going to charge you with unlawful ownership, when you have a letter off his boss sayin it's ok, get out there and use your guns. Hants said it would take five months to renew and it did to the day

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