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Thread: Howdy - new member from London

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    Howdy - new member from London

    Hi. I've recently taken up stalking deer (and target shooting at BSRC). I've shot driven bird game for a number of years. Also love to fly fish (fresh and salt). Looking forward to learning from you guys.



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    Hello Steve!

    Whereabouts in London are you? I've just become a Full Member of BSRC and only started stalking this year. Maybe see you in Bisley?

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    Hi. I live near Notting Hill Gate. I joined BSRC in December last year. I've done a number of stalks and have had a half dozen deer in the larder now. But still a lot to learn. Done DSC 1, got FAC and rifle. Now putting in the work at home dry firing, at the range and out on the field.

    Did you go to the Chamois shoot last Sunday? Are you doing the McQueen's this Sunday?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevekale View Post
    I've done a number of stalks and have had a half dozen deer in the larder now.
    Well you have the advantage on me, and then a further five advantages! I joined BSRC back in March as I had little experience of scoped rifles, wanted to practice on moving targets with a view to going to hunt boar with my brother-in-law in France, and thought it wouldn't hurt my FAC application which is now with the Met. I haven't been to the BSRC for a month so missed those ones. The wildfowling's started now so that takes priority, unless an opportunity for a stalk comes up! Hopefully I'll have a new toy to play with for Christmas.

    I know your area well, I used to live nearby for years.

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    You should try to do the McQueens event this Sunday - basically sniper shooting at 300 yards. (Unfortunately I can't due to work.) Looked like it would be a lot of fun. I was lucky to win the chamois shoot (which is 5 shots prone, 5 shots seated w/ single stick at 200 yards). Beginner's luck I reckon but I was tickled pink with a score of 96/100 especially when it was my first time shooting at that distance.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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