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Thread: Anschuts 1517 hmr

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    Anschuts 1517 hmr

    Back up for sale due to a timewaster
    I have for sale my Anschuts 1517.It is about 1 year old and in very good condition.Having looked what ammo i have left,it has fired 107 rounds from newIt is superbly made and deadly accurate with 17gr hornady.
    The gun is for sale for 475 +rfd and comes with 17 boresnake and 93 rounds of ammo.
    I would prefer face to face but will send via rfd.
    Pictures can be sent via email.
    p.s there is a bushnell banner dusk till dawn 6x18x50 and can be bought for 100.This is also a year old and in excellent condition.
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