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Thread: Loss of hair

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    Loss of hair

    A neighbouring estate has a few hinds in a certain area which have lost a significant amount of their hair. Any ideas on the cause of this, Morena?

    The deer appear healthy otherwise, it is not an area heavily stocked with deer, although sheep are present. The hair loss appears to have happened over the last 4 months or so, and is not just the kind of patches that are commonly seen when deer are moulting/ irritated by warbles, etc-some of the beasts I have seen have lost about 25% of their hair, in one big patch. The deer in question live on the open hill in the north of scotland and have no access to forestry. The overall condition of deer in this area last year was not great, owing to the very dry and cold spring/early summer we had last year which kept the grass growth back.

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    Hi traveler,
    From your intro I surmise you are just north of the Black Isle.
    You don't say what area of the body these hinds have lost hair. Normally if they doing badly they tend not to groom as much and the lice burden builds up and then you get sheets of hair being rubbed off as lice bite sore. ( Personal experience as bitten by one whilst at uni which we promptly identified ). Keep an eye on the calves as they could be adversely affected. Do you have a Grays or access to one to have a closer look? Please pm me with your findings.

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    Does it need to be a pm? Why not share findings here so we can all learn.


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    Hi Dave ,
    Not trying to have secrets But am building up an encyclopaedia so people can go to section they want for info and I don't know how to transfer between sections whereas if I have it can post myself.

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    Thanks for the reply

    The animals I have seen seem to have been losing hair on their flanks/back/haunch. I will try to get a closer look. It is not something that any of the stalkers in the area seem familiar with. I wonder if it is just a heavy lice burden? There were certainly plenty of warbles,etc about last year.



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    Hi Traveler,
    Interested in the warbles. Could you possibly at the appropriate time get photos of warble. Both the outside of the hide and also when skinned. I am also looking for photos of Nasal Bots and if you do find them pay particular attention to lungs as if a heavy burden can affect the lungs as well.

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