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Thread: stalking binoculars

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    stalking binoculars

    Hi Everyone,
    my first post.
    I know this has probably been done to death so apologies. I am looking for a new pair of binoculars. have decided on 8 x 42 and whilst I would love a pair of swarovski/leica/ zeiss the budget is stretched at that so have been looking at Zeiss conquest/ minox hg / meopta meostar.

    Has anyone any views on these?

    I am leaning towards the minox as the reviews are good but my one worry is the large chrome wheel on the top. Has anyone had issues with reflecting or flashing spooking the deer?

    Thanks for your help.


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    Regarding the focus wheel on the HG Minox, It Is knurled so the chance of reflection Is therefore minimised, also think that when spotting deer you are usually far enough away for this not to be an Issue...You cant go wrong with the HG...HTH

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    my mate has minox and they seem ok.
    With optics the more u pay the better they are generally. Zeiss and swarovski you pay for the name. leica are nice.
    As already said i wouldnt worry bout the bit of chrome. If a deer sees that then its probably been watching you a while ;-)

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    Thanks guys that is really helpful.

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    I used to have a pair of Leica Trinovids in 8x32.
    Replaced them with a pair of Meopta MeoStars in 10x32 and love them.
    To me eyes they are far superior in use, and have a much better depth of field.


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    The Minox 8x42 are excellent glasses for the money especially in low light

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    Opticron DBA`s
    I tried both the minox and the Leupold around the same money and tbh they weren`t a patch on the Opticrons

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    Or save yourself a good few hundred quid and get a nice pair of Hawke endurance 8x42 or 10x42 in green or black. Superb quality for the price.

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    I bought some Minox 10x44's (BD10x44BP) that were on sale. They were the last of the top of the range stuff from Japan before they moved production to Germany. I have put them up against Swarovski's, Zeiss and Leica's and there is absolutely nothing in it when comparing like for like, they are superb.

    The only thing I do not like is the 10x magnification, of all the binoculars I have tried I love the 7x42, although the 8x32's are more compact for putting in a pocket.


    Edit: I have just looked on-line and the Minox BD10x44BP are €589, and I can only find one place selling them.

    But these are what I would buy now;
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    I have been using the 8x43 HG's and have been very pleased with them. Lightweight, comfortable to hold and to the eye, fast focusing and great in low light. Yes the focus wheel is silver but not reflective and only a small area anyway. I did have reservations myself about it but not been an issue. You could easily spray it matt black if you wanted.

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