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Thread: P&O or Stena discount ?

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    P&O or Stena discount ?

    hi guys, need some help
    A few of us with a vehicle are heading from N.Ireland over to Scotland for some stalking in November with Solway stalker
    however, our contact within P&O has left the firm, so we are looking at paying full price rather than the friends and family rate they got us before !
    trust me, full price is serious compared to the friends and family rate, difference can be in the region of 400 on the total price !!!
    does anyone know anywhere that offers discount on the ferry ?
    or does anyone work for P&O or Stena ?
    many thanks

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    Hello, I stay at the otherside of the water. Basc do a discount with stena line.

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    You can rent a vehicle for less than 400 on the other side.

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    Yes true. Hertz are at Stranraer at the ferry terminal. Dont know if you can walk on with a rifle. I will speak to a mate that works on the boats

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    yes you can, done it with P&O at least.
    you just need to keep it handy and not leave it by the bar!

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    The only way u can take guns on the boat is with a car and no ammo you will need to buy if there I hunt in Ireland a lot the best way is fly over and get a car from the airport very cheap and you can bring guns and ammo with you fly to Glasgow drive to Colin's .


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    thanks for the replys guys
    got it all sorted now

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