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Thread: permant record of rifle/bullet recommendations

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    permant record of rifle/bullet recommendations

    Fairly new to this and total numpty with computers.

    Is it possible to have an area that jist stores peoples bullet recommendations for a specific rifle make model and calibre. So whenever you buy a new rifle you could scroll down to the make and calibre and other peoples recommendations would be there permantly to give you an idea and save going through loads of forum pages to find a topic that way not exist for your rifle.

    Its just when buying a new rifle or new calibre its a bit of a lottery buying factory loads until you find one that suits your rifle and your quarry and at 20+ quid a go not cheap if not grouping well enough to be used with confidence in the field. i realise some will say home load but i like many others probably dont fire enough rounds to make it worth while.
    Would somthing like this exist elsewhere on the net? Or is it even possible to do on this site somewhere or would it take up a lot of memory/space. Think this will be over to admin or at least some one who knows about these things. Cheers hope it made sense

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    Welcome to shooting.

    The idea of a data base for "best loads" would be a neat idea but unfortunately, there is no way to tell what loads will shoot best in your rifle. Two identical rifles, 1 digit apart on their serial numbers can show decidedly different preferences for ammo. Starting a thread for loads would be like starting a list for favorite flavors of icecream. Lots of opinion.

    If you aren't going to shoot enough to reload, maybe you should reconsider all of this? No flame intended, but you must shoot to become proficient. You didn't say what caliber you aren't loading for but be aware that Lee Precision sells their "Classic Reloader" for many popular calibers. It is an extremely simple device that is very inexpensive ($23US) and turns out very good ammunition. It is designed for the more casual reloader but many experienced hands have found that it turns out ammunition as good as a standard bench mounted set up. I load for my .222 varmint rifle using one and the rifle will put 5 shots into about 2.5 bullet widths at 100M with 100% reliability. You might go to Lee's website
    ( and check them out. I know they are available in the UK. You will save some serious $$ by reloading, even if you don't shoot hundreds of rounds a year, and you will become the best shot you can be. JMHO, ~Muir (a reloading crazed Yank)

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    Muir is right, I expect he is sober You must have seen the "debates" that flare up over calibres alone and that is before you get down to the nitty gritty of the choice of round. It is a sad fact, for shooters, that all rifles are different. What works for one will not work in another, which is also part of the fascination of reloading.

    So in answer to your question, I'm sorry but we will not be having a data base of calibres, it will be too big, too contradictory and too time consuming to maintain.


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    Cheers lads. i wrongly persumed that if 2 of you had same model and calibre the same bullets should perform fairly well. So does that mean that if some one reccomends a bullet cos they shoot the same rifle it may not shoot well in yours.
    got a manlicher tatical scout in .223 and groups brilliant with any factory rounds so far(touch wood). also got a 308 which im not quite so happy with, but im also going to have to order some more speciallist bullets(heavy and slower expansion) in specially from my local gunsmith and dont want to be left with bullets that i cannot get a resonable group with and won't do the job.
    just following on if i got into reloading and bought 100 heads and cases could it not be the case that if they dont suit rifle i'm left with 100 useless heads instead of just 20 useless bullets. or can you always adjust the seating and charge to make them more accurate. i usaully read that bruce potts in st but he seems to have an endless supply of different
    powders ,heads and cases, sort of scares you a wee bit that you need all that to get started
    Sorry about all the questions think this is a subject you're better of in ignorance cos once you scratch the surface it is just endless and seems to massive

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    I am afraid you are up against the problem that all shooters have; if they don't work what do you do with the leftovers? Give tehm to someone who has a rifle they work in and learn by your mistake...

    There is no easy answer other than to get to know a few people at you local range an see if you can try a few of their rounds - but be careful as if they overcharged their rounds they could do damage to your rifle and to you - only shoot rounds from experienced shooters who you trust. They should be able to tell you their loads, what velocity it produces, and it components parts. Get people to show you what to look for on a fired case indicating overpressure. The best way forward is to get talking. Pleanty of courses out there but they cost a massive amount of money for what they deliver.

    Reloading for a rifle is a matter of trial and error. If you stick to loads that other people have published, that are not over the book limits, you shouldn't go too far wrong as a starting point.

    If you get into reloading then look at the spec's for your rifle, specifically the twist rate. This will dictate the weight of bullet you can use. 308 is a very popular calibre, so there should be plenty of info out there on your rifle, but this is really only the starting point to getting a tight load. Every rifle (even the same make and model) shoot differently and will prefer different bullets.

    As for getting custom loads from your GS, I would suggest you think about working out what works first as it could cost a lot of money for them, with little or no improvment in accuracy. Some companies will work loads up for your rifle and thus tell you what will work, but again this is expensive.

    Hope this helps.



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    If you can decide on a particular bullet that you think will do the job (correct rate of expansion, weight etc) you can also try emailing the powder companies for advice.

    I emailed Alliant and Accurate when I first got my WSM and WSSM rifles as the reloading info was a bit scarce. Both companies replied within a short time with lots of ideas for powders to use. They included suggested start loads, maximum loads, velocities and pressure figures.

    Remember, most powder manufacturers seem to be USA based and the Yanks are much more customer focuses than other countries. They are always happy to help.
    Send them the make/model of your rifle, the barrel length and twist rate, and the bullet you would prefer to use.

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