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Thread: first sika with jamross

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    first sika with jamross

    i arrived in the borders friday afternoon shortly after i was met by brian we went over to the estate where he showed me round and explained how we would work over the next couple of days i got my rifle ready and off we went up the track after about 300yds we headed up a small grass track to get onto the track higher up where we spotted 2 hinds and calves feeding approx 10ft away motionless we watched until the wind gave us away as we carried on to the open ground between 2 blocks of forestry another group of hinds and calves were spotted not 30yds away we moved into a better position and waited for abit to see if the stag was around after a couple of minutes they moved over the brow and out of sight by now the rain had started and the wind was swirling all over the place so we decided to head to one of the high seats in a good position on a well used run where the deer come from the forestry onto the pasture land. we waited until dark nothing was showing so we headed back to the hotel.

    soon enough it was morning with no rain but the wind was terrible swirling round we started to stalk around the bottom edge of a block or forestry and soon spotted a group of a10 deer as we got closer and in a better position we could see that there was a spiker and a big stag we moved a little closer at this point we were spotted by a hind out of our veiw who gave a whistle and off she went the others stayed grazing. as we got into a position overlooking the feild to give us the best chance of a shot the deer had other plans and slowly started to make there way back into cover. from the position that we were in we could see onto the hill and also a few open areas inside the forest at the bottom of the hill. from here we could see lots of other deer out on the hill grazing so we decided to go and have a look to see what if anything we could get on at this point it had crossed my mind as to whether i was a jinx as there is a lot of deer on the ground anyway nothing was gassed on this stalk .

    late afternoon and brian and made our way to the estate we had formulated a plan we would go to a favoured highseat where the deer freaquently gross the hill from block to block we had seen deer at this place on the previous stalks so i waited an hour went by and nothing the sun was out but again the wind was terrible swirling around anything around me would have winded me and made off so it was decided we would go and wait in the same position as the morning stalk hopefully we would bag something we waited until nearly dark when a sneaky sika hind crossed the fence and made her way onto the feild at this point we only had 10 mins of light left as we waited we glassed this hill and other areas in veiw we could see lots of deer coming out to feed and then we lost the light.

    by now brian is getting worried as he has tried his best all weekend to get me onto a stag but nothing had presented its self for the shot

    soon enough it was morning and the feint rummble of brians trusty landrover was heard this time we were going to be in position for first light we made our way quietly on an elevated track overlooking a field where there was lots of deer but sadly as we glassed them they were all hinds and calves. by now i have accepted i was a jinx but brian wasnt ready to give up just yet we made our way to the highseat i had sat in the night before as this was last chance saloon for me on this trip as time was pressing on i sat in thie highseat and waited for what felt like hours brian says it was only half an hour but iam sure it was more like four hours anyway as i glass the top forest block a spiker makes his way out and down the hill towards the bottom block of forest i raise my rifle and get the crosshairs in place ready for him to stop with a whistle he stopped and my trusty tikka .308 did the job he dropped on the spot the 150grn had hit home in the engine room at last lady luck was on my side brian did the gralloch and showed me one of his techniques which i found very useful we weighed the beast at 30kg.

    we then headed out of the estate detouring just to see if anything had come out as usual as we glassed the area i had just taken the spiker from there was a group of large stags one of which was very nice indeed just below these there was a group of hinds calves and a couple of spikers there was 30 beasts out in the area 35 mins after my shot. i would like to thank brian for an excellent weekend there was no shortage of deer on his land he is very knowledgeable on sika deer giving me lots of info throughout the weekends stalking. i cant wait until the hinds are in i will hopefully be back up in november cheers brian

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    sorry about spelling and grammer this isnt my strong point
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    you worked hard for that one.
    well done

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    Great write up and brian is a gent stalking is funny some times deer everywere and no shot on and then you can see one deer and its in the bag .Well done on that sika.

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    Well done on getting your first Sika stag. Its always encouraging to see deer even if they're the wrong sex and you are virtually guaranteed that on Brians ground. A bit of effort and a bit of luck and you got there in the end. Good write up too.

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    cheers guys it was hard work but worth every minute

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    The problem with the stags just now is that they are still in groups, despite the activity over the last 2 weeks suggesting rutting was imminent. Once spread about there is more chance of bumping into them than when looking to locate 4 or 5 groups spread about the place. I must admit to getting concerned by the last outing... !

    Glad you enjoyed the trip yozzer and delighted you mad a good job on the beast. The photo is not coming up by the way...

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    Well done on getting your first sika yozzer, they are a cracking deer to stalk and like brian says even harder when they are in small groups still.

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    Well done,
    A very nice animal thats a very interesting landscape in the background


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    well done

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